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September 2012

@abulsme Updates from 2012-09-07 (UTC)

  • Giffords! #
  • Aw, I actually missed it. Just closing up at work and saw her on the stage. Just after she finished. Oh well, will see the repeat later. #
  • Just got home. I know Biden is about to start, but Alex really wants to show me his new pants right now. #
  • Oh, sorry, new PLANTS! For his room. He is very proud of them. #
  • Here’s Biden! #
  • It was Tuesday night. Not last night or Monday. #Joementum #
  • Everybody saying Biden ad-libbing too. Pulling it off so far. #
  • I remember liking Biden when he was running, what, decades ago? :-) #
  • I was thinking about 1988. Long time ago. #
  • Would have been better than Dukakis. #
  • Once again hard to listen. Toddler desperately trying to get my attention instead. #
  • Went outside to escape. Will try to watch the rest now. Love my son, but kinda upset I’ve missed so much of Biden. :-( #
  • Watching non-live later just isn’t the same. :-) #
  • I am always uncomfortable with the glorification of killing OBL. #
  • MT @natsecHeather yo @attackerman I think you just got the end of your GWOT there with the closing a wound language about why OBL mattered. #
  • Lots of people tonight talking about how hawkish the Dems are this time, while the R’s… not so much. Way different than previous cycles. #
  • RT @joshrogin Is Biden gonna mention he advised Obama not to go through with the raid on OBL? #
  • RT @ZekeJMiller Biden: ” But in case you didn’t notice, they didn’t have the courage to tell you what calls they would make. ” #
  • RT @mattyglesias Surprised they don’t cover OBL’a head in tar and stick it on a spike in Lafayette Park. #
  • RT @dandrezner Biden blasting the creation of jobs overseas Yeah!! F**k the rest of the world!! #headdesk #
  • They followed me outside. :-/ #
  • Alex on my lap again. #
  • Missed the last five minutes. #
  • Alex upset and crying. Me upset and distracted. Now in quiet place to watch. I think. Missed most of it. #
  • Basically missed the whole thing other than a couple minutes in the middle. Sigh. #
  • Trying to get myself back to a nice calm level state before Obama comes out. Still in a stressed mode right now. Sigh! #
  • Here we go. Obama movie. #
  • Saw some comments earlier based on the released prepared remarks. #
  • Really wish they wouldn’t release/leak such things in advance. #Spoilers #
  • What I did see (just glanced at stuff in breaks at work, didn’t read much) sounded more like a State of the Union. I hope it really isn’t. #
  • Here comes Michelle. #
  • And here we go… #
  • Watching by Slingbox means I’m like 30 seconds to a minute behind everybody on Twitter. Oops. #
  • Obama kids cute. #
  • He accepts! Shocker! I guess that makes it official. (Although the chair said he accepted last night.) #
  • RT @mattyglesias In retrospect, pre-Inauguration Obama really was selling a lot of wishful thinking. #
  • RT @Atrios RT @chucktodd: BTW, the Hillary for Biden rumors can now officially be put to rest. It is now too late //eye on the ball #
  • Everybody is jumping up. The joke wasn’t that funny. #
  • He is playing the adult grown up. #
  • RT @chucktodd The “I need more time” portion of the speech. The “don’t change horses in midstream” argument every incumbent prez makes #
  • Rally around a set of goals? Really? #
  • They usually get better toward the end. RT @ericspiegelman So far this is the fourth or fifth best speech of the DNC. #
  • But yeah -> RT @nickconfessore For all Obamas rep as a killer speechmaker this feels underwhelming compared to Michelle Obama Biden Clinton. #
  • RT @owillis this guy seems to love america and is nothing like the scary black dude on fox. #
  • RT @jeffjarvis “I fixed their fuckups.” I wish that were his message. That was Clinton’s message about him. #
  • This *is* getting SotUish. List of policy initiatives that are pie in the sky. Isn’t exciting or inspiring. Guess we needed Bill for that. #
  • RT @anamariecox I think Michelle wears the inspiring pants in the family these days. #pantsstatus #
  • My twitter feed moving much more slowly during this than Michelle or Bill. #
  • Most will only see Obama though. RT @AriMelber Obama is all about the future here – Biden handled the history brief. #
  • Obama needed to handle both past and future. Ah, some of that now… #
  • RT @davidfrum Clinton talked to moderates, Biden to independents, Obama to the Democratic base. #
  • Literally. RT @natsecHeather It appears that Biden speech fried my laptop. Literally. #
  • RT @mattyglesias This cautious speech makes me think tomorrow’s jobs number is pretty good. Remember Obama’s seen it. #
  • Of course he is. RT @mattyglesias This is the speech you give when you think you’re winning and just want to avoid screwing up. #
  • Alex just joined me. Quiet so far. #
  • Got a few Romney hits in over the last couple minutes. Nothing super memorable. #
  • Call out to arithmetic line just reminds how much better Clinton did it. #
  • Yup! RT @rebliv @abulsme you’re bitchy #
  • Alex back with mom after started getting more distracting. #
  • I miss 2008 Obama. #
  • I miss 2004 Obama even more. #
  • MT @drskyskull Hope that by 2016 campaign focus on algebra and maybe, in 2020 we can have a calculus Presidential campaign. #DNC2012 #
  • MT @JudgeJimGrayVP Obama didn’t keep the promises he made in 2008. Who’s to say he’ll keep the promises he’s making in 2012? #DNC2012 #
  • MT @natsecHeather Rec foam bricks 4 throwing at tv. They help kid dad RT @abulsme Alex back with mom after started getting more distracting. #
  • @natsecHeather I will try that for the debates. :-) #
  • .@natsecHeather I will try that for the debates. :-) #
  • RT @anamariecox YOU DID THAT = “Oh, hai. We’ll take that ‘You didn’t build that” joke from you now. See you in November.” #dnc12 #
  • Now starting to come together. Time to bring it home? #
  • Hitting 11 Eastern. #
  • False alarm. Not getting exciting yet. #
  • I understand trying to do the sober, “Now I’m President, I am serious” thing, but… pump it up just a little more? #
  • Alex just ran into the office and is holding the door to keep Mommy from taking him back out again. #
  • Here is the crescendo. #
  • And that’s a wrap. #
  • Stronger close, but this was not his best work by a long shot. But it didn’t need to be. #
  • Here comes the family. Bidens next. #
  • MT @DouthatNYT Thought people who talked about Clinton overshadowing Obama were just looking for Clinton drama. But they were so, so right. #
  • Miss the balloons. #
  • Everybody saying this was safe speech you give when you are winning. They are right. And he is in a very strong position. #
  • But it would have been nice to see him try to hit a home run anyway. #
  • RT @ericspiegelman I mean, I guess if you go up 15 runs by the 6th inning, you can rely on the bench for the rest of the game. #
  • And all off the stage. Time for the closing stuff. #
  • Some random delegate crying. Uh, OK. #
  • MT @zidaya @abulsme @JudgeJimGrayVP Srsly? He just ran through the list…healthcare, Iraq, car industry, DADT, Lilly Ledbetter, etc… #
  • .@zidaya Indeed. Has gotten quite a lot done. Missed on some other things. IE: Civil Liberties. Depends which are most important to you. #
  • No Obama promise to fix that! MT @BuzzFeedAndrew Seriously, AP, you’re going to put a copyright claim on my YouTube video I got from C-SPAN? #
  • RT @gov A new record political moment on Twitter: @barackobama drives 52,757 Tweets per minute. Over 9 million Tweets sent about #DNC2012 #
  • Odd overall tweet rate higher, but tweets of those I follow slower tonight. #
  • Bring back the purple! RT @jimacostacnn Both conventions are over and one thing clear… We are back to being red states and blue states. #
  • Benediction over. TIme for the gavel. #
  • RT @BDayspring Was there a single new reason to vote for President Obama in tonight’s speech if you weren’t already? #
  • Gavel time! #
  • Time to go lavish attention on my son. :-) #
  • MT @zidaya: @abulsme I’ve been having this conv w/oth who are disappointed: U can say he hasn’t done enuf, but don’t say he has done nothing #
  • .@zidaya Never have said he did nothing. Never will. Lots done. Some I like, some I don’t. About what I expected when I voted 4 him though. #
  • @zidaya thanks, I will. :-) #
  • RT @BDayspring: SAVING AMERICA?!!?!? hahahaha. RT @zidaya: .@abulsme g Hope, not fear; details, not lies, saving America, #
  • RT @zidaya .@abulsme @BDayspring Hope, not fear; details, not lies, saving America, not saving taxes for rich. #
  • Wish I’d managed to actually not be distracted through most of Biden’s speech. Consensus seems to be it was better than Obama’s. #
  • RT @zidaya: .@abulsme @BDayspring What do you remember was happening in fall 2008-2009? Anything at all? Those who ignore history… #
  • .@zidaya @bdayspring In case confusion of my retweets for advocacy, personally: and my analysis: #
  • RT @zidaya @abulsme I think I was speaking to @judgejimgrayvp ‘s comment that Obama didn’t keep his promises; that annoys the h* out of me. #
  • .@zidaya Record is mixed on promises too. He tried on most though. Often where he failed it was straight out R obstruction that stopped him. #
  • @zidaya @hominidviews Cool. Glad you like it! Takes a bunch of work. Good to know when people actually read it. :-) #
  • @zidaya Don’t know that I will. For me it is Obama vs Johnson and I am not fully decided yet. This week moves me toward Obama though. #
  • @zidaya The Libs are often kind of out there and detached from reality. Johnson is a bit more moderate I think, which is important to me. #
  • @zidaya I need to spend some more time researching him though. Know a lot less about him and his position than Obama or Romney. #
  • @zidaya If I find too much of the absolutist Libertarian dogma, I’ll be done with him. What I would like best is a Lib leaning moderate. #
  • @zidaya It absolutely should be. Very sad that it isnt. Should be uncontroversial pos in all parties for that matter. Seems fundamental. #
  • @zidaya @gerrycanavan Heh. Indeed. 1 can hope O will be more free in a 2nd term & be better. But suspect often he already is where he wants. #
  • MT @zidaya @abulsme @gerrycanavan My hope is withdrawal from Afg leads better results+no reelect means can think about legacy #hope change #
  • .@zidaya @gerrycanavan That would be nice. :-) Will still have obstructionist R’s in congress though. (Probably) #
  • MT @zidaya: @abulsme @gerrycanavan But on FP + civil rights, that’s all on Obama. Real hope is Supreme Court (Ginsburg + Breyer + Kennedy) #
  • .@zidaya @gerrycanavan Not much disagreement there. :-) #
  • RT @zidaya .@abulsme @gerrycanavan +if O is reelected, O’care goes into full effect+he will have leverage in ‘fiscal cliff’ negotiations. #
  • .@zidaya @gerrycanavan Not sure how well leverage will work. We’ll see. Of course, falling off cliff might actually be good in some ways. #
  • .@zidaya @gerrycanavan Sets new baseline. Both sides could then “lower taxes” to get where they really want to be, etc. #
  • Oh, I complained earlier about missing Biden. Did listen to Kerry in car on way home though. Better than I remember from 2004. #
  • Watching second half of Biden on repeat. Liking it. #
  • MT @wilw: @ggreenwald I loved Kerry’s passion, wish he’d had that in 2004, but wish wasn’t so focused on how TOTALLY AWESOME wars are. Sigh. #
  • Reading – Obama’s Speech: Blog Reax II (Andrew Sullivan) #
  • Reading – Simply Put (Andrew Sullivan) #
  • Reading – Stat-urday: Lombardo’s Quadratic Molasses (Sam Wang) #
  • Reading – E-Book Prices Should Start Dropping Soon (Leslie Horn) #
  • Reading – NASA Satellite Captures First Glimpse of Curiosity’s Tracks From Martian Orbit (Rebecca J. Rosen) #
  • Reading – Quote of the Day: How Does John Kerry Even Know Sarah Palin’s Name? (Kevin Drum) #
  • Reading – Amazon confirms: yes, you can opt out of ads on new Kindle Fire models (Jon Fingas) #
  • Reading – Chart of the Day: Net New Jobs in August (Kevin Drum) #
  • BTW, Polls in my models updated for today. New poll in NJ. No change in status. #
  • Reading – The Electoral College Map (9/7/12) [Josh Putnam] #
  • MT @LOLGOP: Fun Fact: Joe Biden is the only American Vice President in the last eleven years who hasn’t shot a friend in a face. #

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