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September 2012
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@abulsme Updates from 2012-09-13 (UTC)

  • Reading – When You Learn They’re Not Ready (Josh Marshall) #
  • MT @electionate: According 2 SurveyUSA, ballot issues on gay marriage and marijuana legalization lead by more than Obama in Washington State #
  • MT @DrewHampshire: It’s inappropriate to criticize POTUS during a foreign policy crisis – Everyone who ever criticized W’s Iraq/Afg policies #
  • Reading – GOP to Mitt Romney: You’re so vague (Jim Vandehei and Alexander Burns) #
  • RT @markos: I don’t sense GOP panic anymore. Rather, it’s resignation that they’ve lost: #
  • Reading – Mitt’s smirking disaster (Jed Lewison) #
  • EC Poll Update done for Thu Sep 13. Polls added in NM TX MT NY CA MI WA. Michigan moves. Blog post later today. #
  • MT @twitntwirp2012: @abulsme I can’t remember a campaign that looked so pathetic this early. Maybe they can turn it around but I doubt it. #
  • MT @twitntwirp2012: @abulsme Looks like Mitt’s Waterloo. He apparently was clueless. Think he starts to walk it back? I’d say 70/30 yes. #
  • @twitntwirp2012 I’m on record saying I think Romney has peaked, but not sure this latest thing will be one decisive thing. Lots of factors. #
  • @twitntwirp2012 I’d give more like 50/50 on walk back. Sometimes doing that is worse for you than just shutting up and hoping people forget. #
  • RT @ayeletw: Mitt Romney’s Slogan: “Vote for me. Because I really want to be president.” #
  • RT @jeffemanuel: Looks like those awful pictures of Stevens’ body being “dragged” may actually be images of people taking him to hospital. #
  • Time to read Google Reader & Twitter over lunch again. Cause the book I am reading now is an actual physical book (bleh!) & boring to boot. #
  • RT @CenteredPols: White House: Obama not skipping intel briefings via @natlsecuritycnn #
  • Reading – White House threatens to veto GOP bill aimed at stopping defense cuts (Erik Wasson) #
  • MT @robertniles: Wish fundamentalist Christians, Muslims & Jews would find a way to have it out so they could leave the rest of us alone. #
  • Reading – Cameron wants 2 help Mythbusters prove Jack & Rose could not have both occupied that doorraft (Jamie Frevele) #
  • Reading – So, What Do the Political Odds Markets Say About the Election? (Edward Tenner) #
  • Reading – QE3: Reactions to the Fed’s big stimulus move (Brad Plumer) #
  • Reading – The Next Industrial Revolution Starts in this 20-foot Shipping Container (Brent Rose) #
  • RT @FHQ: .@Jackabp Polls at this point in the race tend to overstate the support 3rd party candidates will actually receive on election day. #
  • RT @drgrist: Today’s lesson: there is nothing one can say about domestic policy so insane that elites will turn on you, but FP is different. #
  • Reading – Exploding the Reagan 1980 Comeback Myth (Nate Cohn) #
  • RT @electionate: A startling number of people are struggling with the difference between unprecedented and impossible #
  • MT @natsecHeather why FP wonks so sad @abulsme MT @drgrist Nothing one can say abt Dom pol so insane elite will turn on u.FP=different #
  • @natsecHeather @drgrist Would it be better if there was also nothing so insane you could say on FP that elites would turn on you? :-) #
  • @natsecHeather @drgrist Or is it sad because you can still say pretty insane things about FP. :-) #
  • Lunch over. Back to work. Already in a work conversation. Woo! #
  • RT @natsecHeather We rarely have foreign policy conversations in politics except when someone sez something insane. @abulsme @drgrist #
  • @natsecHeather @drgrist Ah yes. Definitely. I can see that. #
  • MT @natsecHeather: @abulsme @drgrist viz. I am on @TheEdShow tonight about Romney FP. QED. Be nice 2 be on TV not because bad stuff happens. #
  • @natsecHeather @drgrist @theedshow I’ll try to @Tivo it. :-) #

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