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September 2012

@abulsme Updates from 2012-09-21 (UTC)

  • Reading – Checking Rove’s math (KosFollow) #
  • Actually, X-Reay results came back. Looks like the kidney stone I suspected after all. Not the gastro thing the doctor thought. Still fun! #
  • Reading – Apple Knows Apple Maps Suck Right Now But Says It’ll Get Better (Casey Chan) #
  • RT @usernamenuse @abulsme yeah, really SOUNDS like fun…. #
  • .@usernamenuse Fun in the absolute best sense of the word. But hey, cool pain killers. :-) #
  • .@abulsme X-Reay? #NotActuallyOnPainKillersRightNowReally #
  • Reading – What Would Happen if Mitt Romney Dropped Out Now? (Paul Constant) #
  • RT @JoeMuto: CW hardening — Obama re-elect hits 70% on Intrade: #
  • RT @wsdot: Although #ios6 may say differently, we can assure you that the Tacoma Narrows Bridges have not melted: #
  • Reading – Good Signs All Around
    (Josh Marshall) #
  • Reading – New York Times bans ‘after-the-fact’ quote approval (Jim Romenesko) #
  • RT @kkondik: Election, if it tightens, probably comes down to this – Romney needs to win OH, VA or WI. O currently up by 4.5+ in all 3 #
  • Reading – Poll Analysis: A not-so-good week for Romeny (Darryl, HorsesAss) #
  • RT @jamisonfoser: I mean, honestly. Think for half a second: “Is what I’m about to say really stupid?” If the answer is “yes,” don’t say it. #
  • Reading – Mitt says Obama threw in ‘white flag’ on changing Washington (Jonathan Martin) #
  • Wait, no TbT on the 4? No point then. Reading – How the iPhone 4 Displays Map Directions in iOS 6 (Jordan Golson) #
  • RT @joshtpm: I’m with Buzzfeed and Politico: Mitt is going to ride “No We Can’t” right to the White Hosue. #theawesome #obamadownfall #
  • Reading – Obama’s latest `gaffe’: Vowing to engage more Americans in the political process (Greg Sargent) #
  • RT @dangillmor: Is Apple’s iOS maps decision is the first major consumer-facing choice Tim Cook has made? #
  • RT @DannyZuker: You cad now sand tweets wet Siri. Intact I’m using at write nod! #
  • Grrr… Reading – iOS 6 users lose Bluetooth audio track listings and control features after update (Bryan Bishop) #
  • BTW, haven’t upgraded my iPhone 4 yet. Recent upgrades my policy to wait until the phone prompts me rather than rush as soon as possible. #
  • Reading – Let those global warming dollars flow (Phil Plait) #
  • Also, I almost never used the Maps app. Used Waze or Garmin for TbT. Was looking forward to new Maps for TBT. Will stick with Waze I guess. #
  • Reading – What working class whites really think about dependency and redistribution (Greg Sargent) #
  • Reading – How Bad Is Apple’s iOS6 Maps Disaster? (Carl Franzen) #
  • Reading – Why Presidents Love Foreign Affairs (Daniel W. Drezner) #
  • MT @electionate: Signals are mixed on CO and IA is seriously underpolled. But remember that CO/IA/NH/NV allows an O victory without FL/OH/VA #
  • Reading – The WELL is bought by its users
    (Cory Doctorow) #
  • RT @xeni: If socialized medicine is a communist plot, man, pass the fucking hammer and sickle. I am so on board with that shit. #
  • Reading – Romney is losing the argument over the economy (Greg Sargent) #
  • MT @delrayser: Didn’t take long for Romney camp to go frm “U need 2 watch entire 50 min video” 2 “Here’s half of one sentence Obama said!” #
  • Good Analysis on why it ain’t over -> Reading – State of the Race, Part 2: Why Romney Wins (Sean Trende) #
  • MT @anamariecox: Clearly the main problem with Romney’s electoral map is iOS 6. #
  • Reading – Mitt Romney: The GOP’s Very Best (Kevin Drum) #
  • EC Update for Fri Sep 21 done. Polls added in MA PA MI FL CO WI CT NV IA VA. Category change in CT. Blog post soon. #
  • Reading – Factions, Coalitions, and the Two Party System (Bruce, The Contrarian Conformist) #
  • Reading – There Go the Undecided Voters (Larry Bartels) #
  • Reading – Why all that money won’t save Mitt Romney (Jamelle Bouie) #
  • Reading – Be More Cynical! (Kevin Drum) #
  • MT @dangillmor: Cook said Jobs urged him to ignore “what would Steve do” strategies. iOS Maps are evidence that he took advice seriously. #

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