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@abulsme tweets from 2012-10-16 (UTC)

  • We’re slowly reassembling the home theater after moving last year. Did a bunch this weekend. So I just bought an AppleTV to round it out. 02:51:38
  • Reading – How Obama Gave The Campaign Back To Romney (Andrew Sullivan) 02:58:47
  • Reading – Mountain Lion AirPlay mirroring v. AirParrot: fight! (Chris Foresman) 04:33:15
  • Reading – Poll Analysis: Obama slips some more (Darryl, HorsesAss) 05:25:55
  • EC Update for Tue Oct 16 done. Polls added in 8 states & ME-2. PA changes categories. Adj to NC hist. Blog post soon. 06:56:52
  • [Abulpost] Electoral College: Has Romney Peaked?: After a few days with no changes, one state changes c… 09:53:13
  • Headed home slightly early for the debate. Will also try to get podcast out. But SO tired. May just fall asleep. :-) 23:02:18
  • Plans to rush podcast out the door before debate being foiled by slow malfunctioning iMac. :-( 23:36:15
  • No longer enough time to do podcast stuff before debate. It will be another one of those released after hopelessly out of date podcasts. 23:42:36
  • So I’ll ignore the malfunctioning iMac for now, and go sit in the comfy chair with a news station on the projector. Woo! 23:43:37
  • If I’m lucky, I’ll still be awake when the debate starts, rather than fast asleep in the chair. 23:44:04

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