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@abulsme tweets from 2012-10-18 (UTC)

  • Home. Online search told me unplug all USB etc and reboot with one button press rather than hold to reset. 03:45:49
  • iMac now showing odd slow grey progress bar. Some sort of firmware reset? Anyway, signs of life. 03:46:27
  • At current rate seems like this progress bar will take 30-40 minutes to finish. Maybe up to an hour. 03:47:51
  • Has been going 30 minutes now. Progress bar about 25%. Guess it will end up more like two hours. Wonder what will happen when it hits 100%. 04:11:35
  • After about 90 minutes, it is just under a third of the way now. This will take forever. Wonder what it is doing. Wonder if it will help. 05:06:23
  • Went to sleep before iMac was done. Seems to now be working. Will have to wait for after work to run through paces. 13:15:20
  • I will make sure this week’s Curmudgeon’s Corner gets out tonight iMac or no. I pulled the needed files off @backblaze yesterday. 13:25:40
  • Crossing my fingers though. IMac looks like it may be back and working normally. 13:26:07
  • RT @aterkel: MT @MarkKnoller: By my count, there were 17 occasions in the debate on which Obama or Romney could have said “Bite Me” to t … 13:42:08
  • EC Update for Thu Oct 18 done. Polls added in 12 states. MT changes category. Blog post soon. 17:38:44
  • Well, I was going to blast out that quick blog post before going back to work, but looks like is down. Will try later. 17:42:16
  • Spoiler: Romney’s lead in Montana went over 10% in my five poll average. No actual impact to race. 17:43:19
  • Site up again. I’ll do the blog post over lunch a bit later in the day. 17:53:30
  • Bought @tweetbot_mac. So far pretty great! 18:35:17
  • [Abulpost] Electoral College: Romney Increases Lead in Montana: Only one change today, Montana moving t… 21:48:52

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