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@ElectionGraphs tweets from 2016-06-18 (UTC)

@abulsme tweets from 2016-06-18 (UTC)

  • 00:40:01 Reading – Waze Is Fixing One of its Most Annoying Features to Make Streets Safer (Alissa Walker)
  • 01:29:29 .@AmyNotAmy and I are now checked in at #wadem Convention in Tacoma. Amy as Del, me as guest. Exciting welcome reception at the moment. Woo?
  • 05:01:52 Retweeted @obviousplant_ 2016-04-21 16:44:02 How Many U.S. States Can You Name?

    Left in a children's learning store. Guest written by the hilarious @WigCannon

  • 06:21:20 Listening to No One Knows Anything Inside A Trump Rally
    via iCatcher!
  • 14:59:29 Reading – It might be time for Republicans to start panicking about Donald Trump (@TheFix)
  • 17:00:39 Senator Merkley ( ) now speaking at #wadem convention. Just finished an anti-Trump riff.
  • 17:19:51 When @SenJeffMerkley talked about needing to support Clinton even though he supported Sanders so isolated booing, but mostly applause.
  • 17:54:31 We have reached the portion of the day where people are getting upset and confused about Roberts Rules of Order. Yay!
  • 17:59:09 There is an effort 2 make a rules change to ensure the convention isn’t adjourned until all resolutions are heard. People are getting antsy.
  • 18:07:44 There are 150 resolutions up for consideration, and possibly more from the floor. I could easily imagine 10+ minutes each. Woo!
  • 18:09:30 About 30 minutes spent so far arguing about this rules change. Weee!
  • 18:12:58 Amendment to make this day’s meeting last mor than 24 hours fails!
  • 18:14:33 More rules change proposals. Yay!
  • 18:15:52 Uh, “more”. in reply to abulsme
  • 18:22:27 Of course all the rules fights are proxy Sanders vs Clinton fights. Sanders folks all riled up.
  • 18:24:08 Current rule being discussed is if convention can endorse a Presidential candidate seperate from simply sending delegates to Philly.
  • 18:24:37 Vote too close to call without an actual count. So they are counting.
  • 18:40:31 Motion to change the rules to allow a later motion to have the convention endorse a Presidential candidate is approved. So much fun!
  • 18:42:30 Now a motion to cut off rules debates and move on. Wonder why? :-)
  • 18:44:02 Motion to stop passed. Now chair trying to move to vote on the rules as written. Now people trying to go back to amend rules. Too late.
  • 18:46:28 Gotta love these parliamentary arguments by people who don’t actually understand the procedures. People getting upset.
  • 18:49:10 Heh. Vote on approving rules as written too close to call with hand count. Calling for written ballot.
  • 18:50:22 Someone tried to move to suspend rules to go back to amendments. Ruled out of order since vote already in process. Lots of grumbling. :-)
  • 18:52:28 People are just so confused. It is very amusing.
  • 19:07:43 Vote to approve the rules as written fails. So this means floor open again for amendments to the rules and such. So hours more of this. Yay!
  • 19:12:07 There is a new temporary chair who is being ruthless on keeping people on track. Good.
  • 19:20:27 Motion to change rules to allow a later motion to endorse a candidate by majority of delegates present passes.
  • 19:22:21 Oops. Vote taken before comments and debate. So motion to reconsider, but motion failed. Moving on.
  • 19:24:33 People trying a motion to reconsider instead of acclimation to reconsider. Now only needs a majority. Failed. Moving on again.
  • 19:29:06 Now looking at amendment to change what the rules for debate on resolutions later to adjust who gets to speak and how long.
  • 19:30:10 Motion withdrawn as unneeded as since previous lack of debate was an accident, not because the rules were wrong.
  • 19:33:44 Chair desperately trying to break for lunch. People trying to stop her. Crowd unhappy.
  • 19:35:28 Recess declared for lunch. Good. Hungry.
  • 19:45:27 One note from earlier. All the Sanders alternates were seated, which means quite a lot of Sanders delegates didn’t bother to show up.
  • 19:49:10 Retweeted @WipeHomophobia 18:56:52 #SignsOnThePearlyGates
  • 20:15:12 Retweeted @nduchast 20:02:04 we have a new super hero!
    Best rules chairperson I have ever seen.
    Noel Frame rocks!!!
    #WADems #WAStateConvention
  • 20:49:48 Over lunch had a huge rain and hail storm. Streets flooded.
  • 20:52:52 We missed the first 15 minutes or so of the reconvened convention. Surprise! Still arguing rules! :-)
  • 20:55:17 Rules change to limit debate to 2 speakers on each side, 2 minutes each passed overwhelmingly. Ha!
  • 20:58:01 New motion to accept rules as amended. Requires 2/3 to pass.
  • 20:59:42 Motion to end rules debate passes. Now vote to approve rules. Simple majority. Point of inquiry booed.
  • 21:00:26 Rules pass!
  • 21:00:33 Applause.
  • 21:06:26 Credentials report. Seated delegates: 690 Sanders, 270 Clinton (960 Total) #WADemCon
  • 21:11:51 Temporary Chair Noelle Frame voted in as Perminant chair. Only nominee.
  • 21:14:03 Time for selection of electors for the Electoral College. (Assuming the Dems win Washington state.) #WADemCon
  • 21:15:37 Only selecting 2 of the 12 WA electors here. #WADemCon
  • 21:23:57 Nominations for electors now in progress. #WADemCon
  • 21:24:38 Retweeted @nduchast 21:23:13 #WADemCon dueling resolutions most ptobably coming up: "endorse Bernie" vs "dual endorse Bernie and Hilary" – all symbolic
  • 21:33:40 Retweeted @DinaWeather 21:32:56 @abulsme Your video? TheWeatherChannel would like to use w/courtesy on all plats. Pls reply in reply to abulsme
  • 21:35:28 .@DinaWeather Emailed as requested. But yes, you may use with attribution. Thanks! in reply to DinaWeather
  • 21:36:42 .@DinaWeather And yes. My video. in reply to abulsme
  • 21:42:10 Given the real ability of electors to be faithless the fact there are nominations from the floor for electors with no vetting is astounding.
  • 21:57:55 Just for fun, another video of the street flooding earlier.
  • 22:09:17 One of the elector candidates promising to be a faithless elector and not vote for Clinton if she won. Got booed.
  • 22:09:20 Many of the people in this room have no idea what a presidential elector is. Pretty sure that includes a bunch of the candidates. #WADemCon
  • 22:09:22 Someone says voting as a faithless elector is illegal. Chair clarifies is is only a $1000 fine. #WADemCon. Faithless electors are fun!
  • 22:10:33 So many candidates for elector. So little understanding of what an elector is and what they do. Or the power they actually have. #WADemCon
  • 22:11:36 Being an elector so much more power than being a delegate. $1000 fine or not, an elector can vote for ANYBODY they want. ANYBODY. #WADemCon
  • 22:13:56 The 538 members of the electoral college are the only pple whose votes actually matter. That they are chosen this way is stunning. #WADemCon
  • 22:15:19 This is only to determine the Democratic slate of electors of course. But this is WA. Dem slate will win in November. #WADemCon
  • 22:16:45 Retweeted @nduchast 22:11:12 @abulsme short from 701 for a Charter ammendment, as some wanted. Now, even if 701, that would have been tight. Why so many did not show up? in reply to abulsme
  • 22:17:23 .@nduchast Presumably they thought it was pointless since Clinton the clear nominee at this point, so they didn’t bother. in reply to nduchast
  • 22:17:35 Retweeted @hurchelyoung 22:15:39 @abulsme #Madness in reply to abulsme
  • 22:19:32 .@hurchelyoung Only tradition & (in WA) a $1000 fine that makes electors vote for cand that wins state. Can vote for anybody. #WADemCon in reply to hurchelyoung
  • 22:21:39 .@hurchelyoung These people have huge power, even if they don’t know it & it is rarely exercised. Not sure they even know it. #WADemCon in reply to abulsme
  • 22:24:51 Realizing I prob should have run for elector. Don’t have to be a delegate for that. Just have to have delegates nom and second. Oh well. :-)
  • 22:25:15 Retweeted @SharonHayes 22:23:06 @abulsme thx for the explanations. Hadn't been aware of this. in reply to abulsme
  • 22:25:20 Retweeted @hurchelyoung 22:23:37 @abulsme This probably made sense in the 1800's. Now this is just nonsense. in reply to abulsme
  • 22:27:28 .@hurchelyoung I’m actually a fan of the Electoral College. But picking the electors is really important, shouldn’t be done this way. in reply to hurchelyoung
  • 22:34:41 More pple promising to be faithless electors & vote 4 Sanders in EC. If there are a lot of Faithless electors, just throws elec to R House.
  • 22:35:57 Maybe I’ll run for elector in 2020. :-/
  • 22:36:42 Retweeted @SnoCo_Scanner 22:15:35 Looks like some heavy weather is moving in to SnoCo from the SW. #everett #mukilteo #lynnwood will get hit soon.
  • 22:41:13 Given how this is going & extrapolating to other states, I’m predicting at least one Sanders electoral vote in Dec from a faithless elector.
  • 22:43:33 That is a little flip. Electors end up under enormous pressure to do what they are supposed to do. So maybe 50/50. But still. in reply to abulsme
  • 22:47:22 Nomination speeches for elector done. Voting soon. If nobody has majorities for the two slots (one male, one female) then runoff.
  • 22:47:55 Someone again asking what the hell an elector does and who they vote for. They are trying to explain. :-/ #WADemCon
  • 22:49:25 Someone who was actually an elector in 2012 explaining. #WADemCon
  • 23:22:18 Now they are going through giving permission to let amendments be withdrawn for amendments where the authors want to withdraw. #WADemCon
  • 23:27:05 All amendments that the authors wanted to withdraw are withdrawn. @NoelFrame says we just saved two hours. Yay!
  • 23:27:14 Now charter amendments that will actually be considered.
  • 23:46:22 They are tallying votes on a gender equity related charter amendment. Quietest it has been in the room all day. #WADemCon
  • 23:47:49 Someone pointed out that if they tally all votes they won’t get through the whole agenda today. Think that boat sailed hours ago. #WADemCon
  • 23:52:25 The charter amendment passed. Someone objecting cause chair of the tally committee wrote the amendment. Oops! #WADemCon Vote stands anyway.
  • 23:55:38 Move to suspend rules to lower time people can speak on each item. Passes. Of course that isn’t what has taken the time. #WADemCon