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December 2004

I Had to Buy a Coat

It is just before 07:00 UTC. I have to wake up around 11:30 UTC to be at work at 13:00 UTC in order to drive to Orlando to catch a 15:45 UTC plane to Newark. I will arrive at 18:11 UTC if all goes according to plan. Then will be at my old haunts in Plainsboro, NJ for a 21:00 UTC meeting with my old co-workers who are now clients. This will be the first of four meetings with clients in the NYC area between Monday and Wednesday. Then I’ll come home.

But we noticed that while the high temperatures are due to be in the 80’s here most of this week, that is not quite so much true in New York and New Jersey. So Brandy and I went out to get a new coat for me that would work with a suit and such. The winter coats I have just weren’t suit worthy. And the last coat I had that really did go with a suit fell apart years ago. So it was time I guess. But I’d completely forgotten about needing warm clothes in the winter. What’s up with that?

Anyway, it is a business trip and I will be with another guy from work, so I won’t have a lot of flexibility to go visit all the NJ/PA/NY friends, but I’ll see a few just because they are who I am seeing for business. Which will be fun.

So anyway, off for a trip.

And I have to be awake in just over under four and a half hours. So I’d better get to bed.