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December 2004

Amazonia in the Mall

Yesterday I did someting which is just the height of geekdom probably. While I was AT THE MALL to help Amy do some Christmas shopping for her mom and grandma, I used my Treo smartphone and ordered two items from Amazon. While walking in the mall, past stores which may well have had what I was ordering. Go me!

Rebecca had lots of problems with Amazon this year. I saw her warning, but went ahead and did most of my Christmas shopping at Amazon this year anyway. I did a little bit more at ThinkGeek and got one thing from CafePress. And yeah, I reluctantly got a few things in actual stores due to Brandy’s influence.

I did almost all of the shopping Saturday morning. Then little dribbles since then. I believe I am done now. The things I bought at the mall via my Treo on Amazon yesterday were the end of my shopping.

We have mailed most of the presents leaving from here already. One more box will go out in the next couple of hours. CafePress and ThinkGeek have not shipped yet. Neither has the CafePress one. As for Amazon… Out of 22 items ordered since the beginning of December… 13 have already shipped… (of which 7 have already been received)… which leaves 9 items which are “shipping soon”. They all say they should arrive at the 24th at the latest… but we shall see!

Anyway, ordered from Amazon while at the mall on my phone and ignoring the stores around me. Love it!

Um, now it is time to leave for the house inspection. Gulp. By the end of the afternoon we should know about that, and what the mortgage folks say. Gulp!

Drunken Sailor

True to her comments on my last post, Brandy has gone and made herself a blog. She is calling it Drunken Sailor. Not sure what kind of things she will be posting, but of course I will be checking in regularly.

As I do with anybody who is in the current “top twenty people emailing Abulsme in the previous year” list who has a website that I know about, I have added her to the “Friends’ Sites” listing on the left. We’re now up to 9 out of 20 having websites. (Since Brandy is on that list twice at the moment.) Not bad. Almost to the 50% mark. But not quite.

Well, Marilyn also one made a page with my help. But she hasn’t updated it in years (since the day she made it), and doesn’t have access to it to update it even if she wanted to, so I don’t think it should count and I don’t link to it. Shame though. If it did then we’d be up to 11 out of 20 (since Marilyn also has two addresses on that list right now).

Anyway, back to Brandy. So far she is saying stuff about cheap fruity wine and getting my bird drunk.

We’re watching a movie right now, so she probably won’t post again until morning. But we shall see! :-)

Updated Ecosystem Graphs

The graph I do of the rankings of this site and some others on the TTLB Ecosystem has been updated. Since the last update, this site dropped behind Al’s Phatback site. Drat.

Also, since the last time I did an update, there have been some changes to how the ecosystem works that means these graphs won’t be quite as nice as before. Oh well. Anyway, for the actual graph and the explaination of what changed, see below.

Ecosystem Graph

Sometime in 2004 Q4 the Bear who manages the ecosystem changed how the details pages at his site are set up.  He added some very cool graphs and such, but took away the historical listings of rankings over time.  So since I do not check these rankings daily, but only once every couple months, I can’t do like I did before and when I do check, go back and fill out all the daily rankings for this chart.  Instead I can only chart the rankings as of the date I look.  Thus, after the last day I have daily states (19 Sep 2004) the charts will be much rougher and have many straight lines rather than the nice jagged lines from before then.  Sorry about that!