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December 2004

The House is Ours!


It is official. Our new address is:

1457 Meadowbrook Rd NE
Palm Bay FL 32905

Please make a note of it. We’ll have the mailbox up there and start switching mail over this weekend.

Now the hard part starts. Brandy is anxious to go buy paint and start changing colors around, so I won’t write much. But the final walkthough and closing all went without incident. We went by once to use the keys for the first time. We’re now busy calling utilities and such to put everything that needs to be in our name in our name. And I’ve called the screening people to try to get that moving too. We have the deposit for them out of escrow.

Now as soon as I get out of this suit into something more appropriate, we’ll be heading to stores to get the appliances ordered, the mattress ordered, and paint and cleaning supplies… and the move has begun!

Brandy promises more pictures, including interior pictures, once we finish cleaning.

T minus practically Nothing

Last night I was going through my paper “in box” to make sure all the financial transactions I had receipts for were entered into Quicken and all outstanding bills were paid and such, just to make sure that everything was in order, and we knew exactly what the money situation is for closing, and more specifically for after closing, when we start having to spend money on immediate needs to get the place ready to move in. (For instance we need a washer and dryer and a mattress and such.) I was doing all that until around 08:00 UTC.

Then I decided that this might be a really good time to get the “Sam’s Net Worth” graph going again. I’d been slowly pulling the data from Quicken to do this over the last month or so, each time I did bills I had been printing a report with one quarter’s worth of net worth data at weekly intervals and putting that data into Excel where I was graphing it in my own peculiar way. (Not satisfied with the graphs Quicken produces out of the box.) At the rate I was going, I was adding a quarter’s worth of data every couple weeks. It would be a few months before the graph was up to the present and ready to post. So I decided to accellerate that and enter more data.

Well… Next thing I knew it was 12:00 UTC. I’d extended the graph so it now covers July 1994 to December 1998 though. I thought about continuing straight through until it was up to the present, but it would take a few more hours, and I was exausted, and frankly it was already the time I should be waking up. So the Sam’s New Worth Graph’s return will have to wait a bit longer. (It will be soon though, I’m going to be carefully monitoring things as we adapt to this move and the new conditions… as usual of course the web version will have the vertical axis labels removed, so folks can see trends, but not actual numbers.)

Anyway, finally headed to sleep. Then Amy woke up and started popping her head in every ten minutes. She wanted all kinds of things! She was up and ready to go. She’d set her alarm for some ungodly early time for some unknown reason, and had actually woken up. (She often sleeps through it.)

Anyway, I finally got to sleep. It is now 3 hours later. I am up again. Just woke Brandy up to go get Amy up (who of course fell back asleep). I am about to go hit the shower and get dressed and ready.

90 minutes from now we meet our agent for a final walk through of the property. There are a couple things they were still supposed to be working on which should be fixed by now, even at this late date. (The money for the screen is still going into escrow, some of which will be released to the contractor immediately after closing for them to schedule the work, the balance paid when the work is done… probably not for a couple months yet given the continued backlog for that kind of work.)

3 hours from now we go to the actual closing.

When that is done, we will have a house.

Then we have to start getting everything in order. We have planned out how we will do a lot of things. Others we decided to wait until we could actually be in there to even plan. There are a bunch of things we will need to buy right up front. We have worked out a preliminary budget we will have to live within for those sorts of things. (As well as a tentative budget for the amount we will need to live on PERIOD once we are in the new environs.)

Stress Stress Stress!

But this should be good.

If all goes well, which I presume it will, we’ll take some pictures of the new place and post here late tonight. And I suppose we’ll announce the new address then too.

Oh well. Gulp. I need to get ready. Already not really enough time to get breakfast or lunch or anything before we meet the agent. Maybe coffee.

Oh, have I mentioned I am sick as a dog right now too? Yucky cold, nasty cough, and lung reading thing under 400. Bleh! I probably should have tried to get more than 3 hours of sleep.

Oh well!