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December 2004

Registration Revisited

The comment spamers have started to get me. They got about a dozen old posts over the last couple days. So I am now requireing registration to post comments. Sorry for the inconvienance!

I’m about to get on a plane, they are boarding Zone 4 and I am Zone 5, so I have to shut down. I haven’t fully tested the required registration thing yet. I will when I get home later tonight.

Gideon Hart

imageRebecca’s baby has traveled back in time from the future! I found him!!!

(Well, actually Brandy found him, then told me, and I’m sure Rebecca and Chris already know… after all, he must have contacted them, right?)


Band Members:

Gideon Hart – Vocals Guitar Bass Keyboards
Non conventional instrumentation, opium den songwriting, huge guitar tones and hyptonic rhythms are key. Listen up.

Opium den soungwriting. Yup, that has to be the little Morrow, coming back via the DeLorean at 88 mph. He’s just hiding the “Morrow” part of his name to be discreet. I know it has to be the same Gideon Hart, because there can be only one.


So, we (myself, Ivan, Rebecca and Chad) were driving from the DC area to my old house in Pennsylvania. We had been doing Interstates, but near Baltimore, we got off to do some things. Rest stop, food, a little shopping. Then it was time to get back on the highway and continue. Ivan was driving. It was his car. I was navigating. I wasn’t using my GPS, but was going by memory, and was trying to backtrack a route I had taken earlier. I had Ivan turn onto a dirt path going through a construction zone. It was a shortcut to the onramp to the Interstate. I knew it would come out right by where were needed to get on the highway. There were sharp hills and valleys and ditches. and I knew you had to basically go around to thr right, but couldn’t see the way clearly. So I hoppped out of the car and ran ahead to check out the right way in order to make sure I knew how to navigate.

Then I turned around and headed back to the car, and in one of the dips, I suddenly saw just the roof of the car, slowly sinking in a hugh pit of quicksand. The car was almost out of sight and huge bubbles were going “glug glug” from the sides as it sank.

Suddenly, I saw Ivan’s head, then Rebecca’s, then Chad’s. They had managed to get out of the car and were trying to get out the quicksand. They got to the point where they were not sinking any more, but were still chest deep in the mud. I told Ivan I was sorry about his car. I expected Ivan to be very upset, but he was amazingly calm and said it was OK. Meanwhile, Rebecca was pretty upset at me for giving the wrong directions and making them almost die. Chad did not say a word.

And then I woke up.