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December 2004

House Moving Fast

There is rapid movement on the house front.

11 Dec 2004 – I get my final relocation check.

13 Dec 2004 – Repairs are in full swing at the house.

15 Dec 2004 – We get word that repairs are on schedule EXCEPT the screen enclosure. It has been delayed because the screen contractor is waiting for the materials to be available to do the work. (There is a shortage because practically everybody needed to have this done after the hurricanes.) We were offered the option to take the repair money for the screen in escrow, and move forward to get the deal closed by the end of the year. Closing by the end of the year is much better tax wise. But we could tell them to just finish it and we’ll wait. We think about it overnight.

16 Dec 2004 – We are told we don’t really have the option of waiting. While our interest rate lock is good until late January, the people selling the house are in financial trouble. The bank has been holding off foreclosing on them because they have a contract with us, but are getting impatient. They have already waited since September. The house will be foreclosed on them if they have not sold by December 31st. After that, while the bank MIGHT sell to us, all bets are off, and most likely the place would just go up for auction or some such. We have checked with several people and the stuff with the screen seems to be fairly low risk. And we want the house. So we gave the word to go forward. This brings us to now.

18 Dec 2004 – If all continues to go according to schedule, they will be finished with the repairs on the house.

20 Dec 2004 – We have scheduled the main house inspection and the bug inspections.

21 Dec 2004 – The mortgage company appraiser will look at the site.

22 Dec 2004 – The legal survey will be done.

23 Dec 2004 – We have to officially decide if we are NOT going to proceed based on any of the results above. If anything came out bad, this will be when we can back out.

25 Dec 2004 – Christmas

TBD Dec 2004 – Sometime in the week between Christmas and New Years, exact date to be determined shortly, we will close on the house.

All of Jan 2005 – We will slowly transition from where we are to where we will be, maybe stretching into Feb 2005 if we need it. But hopefully not.

Of course, all of this is still contingent on a bunch of stuff.

  • The place has to actually finish repairs on schedule and not run into any unexpected delays.
  • The place has to pass inspection, with no unexpected issues popping up at the last moment
  • The final mortgage approvals all have to go through with no problem. (We’ve had pre-approval for forever, but the final final approval won’t happen until just days before closing.)
  • My deposit of that final relocation check has to actually clear and be available.
  • No sudden unexpected needs for money in the next two weeks.
  • No planet killing asteroids smash into the earth in the next two weeks.

    So it could still fall through. But at the moment it is looking good. We shall see.

    And then, if all goes well, we’ll have to tighten the belts and get used to paying a full mortgage again (about 25% more per month than I paid in Pennsylvania at that — but it is a bigger nicer place fit for a family of three with room to grow rather than a size perfect for a single guy). That will be a big change from the generous deal of a rent Ivan’s family is letting us stay where we are for. (Thanks again Ivan! You are awesome! I’ll officially let your dad know when we want to close this out as soon as things are actually final… I’m thinking we’ll close it out in February… but that is still a little TBD.)

    Anyway, while we transition things will be tight again for awhile. So that probably means no trip to the inauguration this year. Not to mention no new car, new GPS, new computer or random trip any time soon. Maybe later in 2005, but certainly not up front. It will take a number of months for things to fully stabilize again.

    This stuff is nerve racking!

    But it will be good.