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December 2004

Closing is Scheduled

The time will be 30 Dec 2004 19:00 UTC.

It looks like all the issues have been worked out and this house buying thing will be moving forward. There are a couple outstanding contractual issues to be worked out. Since the house appraised for enough without the screen to get the mortgage company off our backs, any arrangement about fixing the screen is outside of that. So the agents are hammering out the details of how the escrow will be handled and everything. Hopefully nothing will come up last minute that will stop that. That is the last remaining detail.

So this time next week we should have a house.

We won’t be moving instantaneously though. We’ll do it slowly over a month or so.

I won’t send out the new address and such until everything is official. Cause that one remaining detail might still rear its ugly head and cause a problem. But if not…

The Weight Graph Is Back!!!

After many years, the weight graph is back!

Sam’s Weight History

…you can see my steady rise over the last 12 years, starting in 1994 and 1995 when I was trying to gain as much as I could because I was too skinny.  And you can also see quite clearly the “weight contests” of 2001 and 2002, especially the big one, where to win the contest (which was a very stiff competition) I ended up eating only something like 10 times in the entire last month of the contest, and not at all in the last 10 days (other than one SlimFast shake on the 8th day) in order to ensure my win (barely!).  Um, that was stupid.  Very stupid. But I recovered quickly.  :-)

I’m a bit above where I really should be right now, but I’m not too concerned. And the trends are right at the moment.

This is the first of several new graphs I’ll be adding to the Graph Section. Some of them will be the return of graphs from the distant past with new and exciting updated data. Others will be brand new.

For those that remember from that far back though (1996 I think), do not expect an immediate return of the “Temperature in Sam’s Mouth” graph. Maybe someday, but not right now. Sorry.