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December 2004

Kerry Loses More Electoral Votes

Looks like there was a mistake in New York. Not only did one elector vote for the wrong guy, they ALL did. Here is a link to the Federal archives with New York’s official Certificate of Vote. (Found via LGF.) The New York electors accidentally voted for John L. Kerry instead of John F. Kerry.

Don’t know who John L. Kerry is, but if John F. Kerry had actually been in the lead at this point (as opposed to 2nd like he really is, so it doesn’t really matter), he would have just lost the election because of this, with the results thrown into the congress because after this neither candidate would have had a majority of the electoral votes! (Although, the votes have to be accepted by the new congress in early January, and they would probably fix it by then…. drat!) So this leaves the full electoral count for the presidential election like this at the moment:

George W Bush: 286
John F Kerry: 221
John L Kerry: 31
John Edwards: 1

Like I said though, it will probably get fixed before Congress officially certifies the results in a few weeks. Drat!!

September 2004 Top Ten!

After long last and many trials and tribulations, the September Top Ten for my email contest has been released to the public. Click through to find out the results…

September 2004

For anybody that doesn’t know, in mid-October there was a major hard drive crash on my mail server, and when I (stupidly and unthinkingly) synced my laptop with the server I lost almost all the mail for the last half of September and the first half of October. I’d had local copies of everything even after the drive crashed, but when the server came back up and my mail client syncronized, it said “Oh, these aren’t supposed to be here” and wiped everything. […] I spent many many hours painstakingly manually matching the log files up against the emails I had actual copies of to ensure I did not double count anything. This was a pain because the logs showed time received whereas the easiest to access info on the items I had copies of was the time sent. After all this though, I know I have counted every message I have any evidence for at all, and am sure I have not double counted any of those messages.

Condition Yellowish Green

Bug Inspection: No bugs.

House Inspection: Lots of little things like a door that sticks when you lock it and sprinkler heads that need replacing and places where the molding doesn’t line up quite right. And things like that. But NOTHING MAJOR.

Mortgage Company: The house without the screen appraised for the amount we were going to pay WITH the screen. Which SHOULD mean the mortgage company will get off our backs about the screen and approve it as is, and leave the screen issue to be between us and the sellers and stay out of it. Cause the house is already worth more than we contracted for it by enough to pay for the screen. We will hopefully know for SURE tomorrow.

As things stand right now though, it looks like this will go forward, and we will close on December 30th.