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January 2005

Blinded by the Waves

Oh yeah, and one thing I should note. We went to the beach yesterday and had a wonderful time for several hours. But as usual, I was a dork. While I knew it was an issue to watch out for, and had taken precautions other times I went to the beach, and had even talked about MINUTES EARLIER. This time I neither used those little strappy things, or took the items in question off. So a couple hours into the fun playing in the waves thing, a wave hit me just right and swept my glasses away into the ocean. They are probably somewhere in the Azores by now. Ooops.

Right after the wave hit and I came up, it took me a few seconds to realize something was different. Then I wondered if I had just left the glasses out by the towels (like I should have) this time. Then I realized, no, I did not. They had just been knocked off. I spent a couple fruitless minutes checking the area immediately around me with my hands and feet, but of course no luck. Then both Brandy and my mom decided to walk the shore near there “in case they washed up” but I was pretty sure that would be fruitless and was correct. (Although it was still fun walking and looking at all the things we DID see.)

Anyway, lucklily my spare pair were in the glove compartment of the car (where I usually keep them) so my eyesight was rapidly restored, although with an older and not quite as nice frame.

But it still sucks.

Maybe this is an appropriate time to order contacts before the prescription I have for them runs out.

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