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January 2005

Busy as a Sam

Since the New Year, work has been nuts. I have been very busy at work. Full days. Less “slack time”. And full long days. 8 AM to 7 PM pretty much every day. Usually no lunch or lunch at the desk. Lots of cola that I actually shouldn’t be drinking, but am.

It has been fun. I actually feel good being useful and productive. Much better than having extra time to kill or let myself procrastinate, as I am wont to do if given the option sometimes. But it is also stressful and exausting. I finish up at around 7 PM (as I am doing right now) and I just want to go home and crash right away. So stuff at home is falling behind.

Looks like this pace will probably last at least the end of the month given what we have coming up. Maybe after that I’ll be able to rest. For a little while. Maybe.

But it is “good busy”.

Time to go home.

4 comments to Busy as a Sam

  • Brandy

    As long as you are happy with what you are doing…that is what is important…

  • Abulsme

    And I am most of the time. Which is good. Things seem to be getting closer to a normal pace again now, which is good I think. Still 10 hour days of course, but not 11. :-)

  • Brandy

    That is also good. Nice plan to be able to have dinner before bedtime, and for you to actually be AWAKE at home.

    Of couse, there is something to be said for coming home after a bust day exhausted and ready to drop because you were productive. :-)

  • Abulsme

    Things are still a bit nuts. Between work and moving and all. Eventually there will be some time to relax. Eventually. :-)

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