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July 2005

We Have Feet!!!

imageLast night we changed the water in one of the tanks. It had gotten so dark green it was hard to see the tadpoles. I was afraid some had died because of the lack of water change. But we changed it out and suddenly they were all swimming around again.

Then, this morning, I went out to look, and there was a tadpole hanging onto the glass on the side of the tank, but ABOVE the water line! Concerned, I went to look further, and indeed, it had little newly developed legs! It was still and not moving, but it had legs! A bit later just to be sure it was OK, I poked it with something, and it hopped back in the water and swam… but pushing with it’s legs, not the tail!

I got this shot, which was a bit blurry, sorry, the lighting wasn’t good… but you can clearly see the legs! (It does still have a tail too, which is harder to see in this picture.)

So far, this is the only one I’ve seen that has grown feet. And surprisingly, it is one of the medium sized tadpoles, not one of the big fat ones. There are still a few little ones around too. The variation is a bit surprising given that they all went into the tanks at about the same time.

But anyway… we have feet!! (And legs!)

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