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October 2005

Wilma Closest Approach


Looks like Wilma is as close as it is going to get. Right now the wind is going nuts, there are small tree branches down and running accross the golf course. The power has been on and off several times this morning, but never out for more than about a minute so far. Right now outside the wind is going nuts. Brandy and I spent the last few minutes outside on the lanai just watching. The wind is strong enough to be an “Oh wow! Did you see that!” but not quite enough for a “Run for you lives!!”. There are a bunch of branches down, but that seems to be the extent of actual damage.

The TV is talking about flooding everywhere in our area. And one tornado ripped up an apartment complex about 3 miles away.

I want to go out and play in the storm and do the lean into the wind thing, but aside from one quick dash out into the open when the wind slowed down for a minute, Brandy won’t let me. Something about flying objects impaling me or something silly like that.

In any case, it is has been pretty strong consistantly for the last half hour or so. Shouldn’t be much longer though.

And this is just TS force winds. Ain’t nothing compared to what they got to the south of us where they got Cat 2 and Cat 3 winds.

Anyway, we’ll see if we retain power. Kinda too bad if the whle county doesn’t lose power, cause Brandy would get lots of overtime. :-) Just kidding.

We’ve taken a few pictures, but I can’t find the cord to get them off the camera into the computer. So those will have to wait.

Ouch! The wind is whistling really loud right now. I’m going to run outside again.

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