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Mary Ann Mendenhall

Just a short time since the last ancestor this time, but never the less it is time for another one. Mary Ann Mendenhall is my mother’s father’s father’s mother… #25 in my ahnentafel.

I do not know much about her at all other than the fact that she lived in Darke County, Ohio all her life, she married Robert G Brandon and had 10 or 11 kids with him, 7 of whom lived to adulthood. Her third child was my great grandfather David Clement Brandon.

Does that sound a lot like what I know about her husband Robert G? Yup. This is one of those cases where pretty much all I know is that the two of them married and the list of their children. And some dates and locations. But no real biographical information. Maybe someday I’ll turn up more info along those lines, but I haven’t found that sort of info yet.

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