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In Case it is Needed

5 comments to In Case it is Needed

  • Llew

    Where on earth did you take that photo?

  • matt

    i have the same question. where’d you get this?

    is it something in an office building? your office bldg?

    ..or is more like a room in a church to take loud kids into?

  • Abulsme

    Matt guessed correctly. The picture was from a few months ago. One of Amy’s chorus performances was at some big huge church (I forgot the name or exact location). At the back of the main sanctuary they had a soundproof room overlooking the sanctuary through a big thick window, with whatever was going on piped in through speakers, while the room was filled with a few places to sit, a bunch of toys, some kids books, etc.

    It was indeed the place you were supposed to go if you had brought your small children and they started to be noisy and disruptive. You could sit with them, while still watching the proceedings, but without disrupting everyone.

    I had never seen any such thing before and I was highly amused, especially by the name and label, so I took a picture.

  • matt

    crazy churches…

    us jewish folk lke the screaming babies right there in the congregation with us.

  • Abulsme

    Ever seen the last episode of MASH?

    Just kidding.

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