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November 2007

Of course…

I did that quickie blog post, but never on Thursday did I sit down and answer Wednesday’s email. I have been trying to be really good about answering the previous day’s messages the next day and have managed to do that for a while without fail. But I missed Wednesday, which means that Wednesday’s emails now go into the “older than one day, less than a month old” bucket, which I get to only if within the time I allocate each evening to email I finish the previous day’s email and have time left over. Of course, at this moment, the oldest message in that bucket is the message telling me to deal with email in the “older than one month old” bucket… which means if I do deal with the yesterday’s mail bucket, then I go to the second bucket, but it immediately tells me to go to the third… and I’m quite behind on the third bucket, so chances are it will be longer than a month until I get back to the second bucket…

This all ads up to, if you sent me any email on Wednesday, don’t expect a reply for approximately a year. Sorry about that.

This also applies to the emails I sent to myself reminding me to do stuff. Oops. Oh well.

In any case, I will get to the emails that people sent me on Thursday shortly.

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