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March 2008

DVD: Doctor Who: The Invasion: Disk 1

It was finally time for a another Doctor Who DVD. This time it was time for The Invasion. Well, actually the first half. This story is split into two disks. It is an eight part story, the first four parts of which were on this disk.

This had the typical slow pacing of a Second Doctor episode. Things progress VERY slowly and not all that much happens. As an example, the reveal of who the real bad guys in this story are happens at the very end of the 4th 25 minute long episode.

The most interesting thing about this disk is actually the fact that Episodes One and Four are actually among the “missing episodes” which were destroyed or lost from the BBC archives and which have never been found or recovered. However, some fans recorded the AUDIO of the episodes by putting tape recorders next to their televisions. And this audio did survive. So in 2006 when they were looking to do a DVD release, they produced ANIMATED versions of the two “missing” episodes using the audio which still existed.

So part of this was a cartoon. And that was kind of interesting.

Not GOOD mind you, just interesting.

These early Doctors definitely are an acquired taste that I haven’t actually acquired yet. I watch them out of a sense of wanting to learn more about that era, and curiosity. But not so much for actually enjoying the episodes. Now, there are a few good moments. But for the most part, these are a bit tough to watch with modern eyes.

But there we go, another Who.

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