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November 2008

CNN and North Carolina

Right around the moment I posted complaining about CNN not calling North Carolina yet, they did. I’m at work now though. I’ll update charts and such when I get home this evening. I have a modified time on the CNN Election map page of 15:29:48 UTC and will thus reflect the change accordingly in the graphs.

Note: Actually, that timestamp is the moment I last loaded the page. So apperantly, when I loaded it to check the map this morning, they had already called NC, I didn’t notice, and I posted complaining about it anyway. Or some such. But I know I had checked it a few minutes prior to THAT and they had not yet… so the timeframe is just about right. Between 15:15 and 15:30 this morning. At least that is my best guess at this point. If one of my readers has a better timestamp for when CNN called NC, please let me know.

Mail Backlog

Oh, and I haven’t even looked at my personal email in several days. Since election night, my time on the computer at home has been less than maybe 10 minutes a day. Essentially, I’ve been taking some time off of that as well. So if you’ve sent me email or even posted comments on my blog or such, I may well have not even looked at it yet, and I most definitely haven’t answered. Sorry about that. I’ll catch up eventually.

Maybe CNN Stopped

CNN’s electoral map is not even on their front page any more. A bunch of others places called North Carolina for Obama yesterday. Several are saying that Nebraska 2 is too close to call after all. CNN has not reflected those changes yet. If CNN hasn’t moved at all by the time other places start calling Missouri, maybe I’ll start making changes on my charts based on non-CNN sources. Come on CNN, get with it!