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November 2008

Curmudgeon’s Corner: Ivan is Offended by Partying

Sam and Ivan talk about:

  • Volatile Markets
  • Measuring Real Value
  • Equity Dilution
  • Moving in Lock Step
  • Enterprise Macs
  • Tallahassee Academics
  • Politics Lite

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Cinema: Eagle Eye

Once again I’m a couple weeks late posting, but a little while ago the three of us went to see Eagle Eye. I’d seen a couple of promos, was not all that impressed, but a movie was happening. Oh wait, I forgot, Brandy and I went as chaperons. Amy sat many rows away from us… with a BOY. :-)

In any case, it seems the movie was very very loosely based on an Isaac Asimov short story in the sense that it shares some very high level elements, but isn’t really like the original story all that much at all.

It was a fun little action movie I guess. You needed a lot of the “suspension of disbelief” juice in your system of course, but as long as you don’t think all that much and just enjoy the ride, it is fine and dandy.

I was fully expecting a sequel setup in the last few moments of the movie, but I didn’t get it. Which is probably OK, because I doubt it did well enough for them to want to make a sequel. It was fine though.

One thing to watch out for… there is a character who helps in some key moments in the film who is named Major BOWMAN. There is a clear reason he is named Bowman. They didn’t make it quite as obvious as they could have… I would have really appreciated it if they did. But it still was glaringly obvious to me and I laughed.

My Freshman and Sophomore Dorm

Ivan sends over a story about the place where he, I and several others spent some time while we were in college. I note we were a bit slow on the pickup though.

Victim, suspect in Shadyside homicide identified
(Pittsburgh Post Gazette, 30 May 2008)

The Allegheny County medical examiner’s office has identified the 18-year-old woman who was stabbed to death last night in her Shadyside apartment.

The victim was identified as Lisa Maas, of Erie.

Last night, police took into Terrence Andrews, 37, into custody.

Both were tenants in the Hampshire Hall apartments at 4730 Centre Ave. where the stabbing occurred.

Fun. Our university, by the way, has not rented space in this building in many many years now.