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April 2012

@abulsme Updates from 2012-04-02 (UTC)

  • MT @BYUfan: @abulsme I looked up Stephen Brediger. You had him as unknown. He's a Romney. So, results for LD44 were R 26, S 7, G 5, P 1. #
  • @BYUfan Thanks for the info on that delegate! He gave no speech, so I couldn't classify him. #
  • @BYUfan Just now I realized I said Tepublican instead of Republican as I wrapped up my live tweeting. I was very tired by then. :-) #
  • Reading – Superdelegate chaos in MA (MAtt, DCW) #
  • @candygirl777 The rules make it hard 4 minority candidates to get delegates. Paul got more than I expected in 44th. And he only got 1. :-) #
  • @candygirl777 What kind of shenanigans did you see? #
  • @BYUfan I knew I could undervote. Didn't want to. :-). Thanks for reading it all. Looking back, that was quite a few tweets. :-) #
  • @BYUfan Q: Why didn't nonRomneys motion in morning to change rules to simply allocate dels proportionately to straw poll results in each LD? #
  • @BYUfan It worked in some counties in MO. Convention passed motion, done in much less than 16 hours. Obv Romney would oppose, but worth try? #
  • @BYUfan 2/3 might be possible. Arguments to make: 1) Fair and democratic. 2) You'll be outta here in 30 minutes instead of many hours. :-) #
  • @BYUfan Some counties in MO did do this, but not sure the initial mix of candidate support there. #
  • @BYUfan Would also still have to determine the way to pick actual delegates within that allocation though. #
  • @BYUfan Cool. That kind of motion much less likely to succeed at state than county though. More dedicated folks, probably more discipline. #
  • @BYUfan Less prone 2 vote for something because it is more fair (esp if it would hurt their cand) or because it will get them home faster. #
  • @BYUfan Maybe 2016 county convention, or even in the committee drafting the proposed rules before things even start. #
  • @BYUfan Best time for that kind of rule change actually before precinct caucuses, so nobody knows yet where their candidate will stand. #
  • @BYUfan But not sure how early the convention rule making process starts. #
  • @BYUfan Hmm. Interesting. So such a change would have to be made at state level not county in WA? County conv can't override state rules? #
  • @BYUfan Of course could also push to switch from caucus to primary. Talking future years obviously. #
  • Reading – Americans Elect and the Electoral College (Josh Putnam) #
  • RT @neiltyson: Yup. If pasta & antipasta ever touch, they annihilate. For your safety, that's why restaurants never serve them together. #