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@abulsme Updates from 2012-05-23 (UTC)

  • Reading – With SpaceX launch remains of James Doohan (Star Trek's Scotty) finally rest in peace, in space (Xeni Jardin) #
  • @UGAProsecutor In AR/KY/WV? Yes, Obama will have trouble in those states for sure. :-) Certain losses. He won't bother with them at all. #
  • RT @ProgGrrl: Just. Wow. RT @kdawson: The eclipse from space. Bonus: Milky Way. #
  • Reading – Iowa GOP staffer resigns after Ron Paul takeover, fundraising woes (Emily Schultheus) #
  • .@UGAProsecutor Bush worst in 2004 79.6% in NH. Not quite 60%, but no comp = very low turnout, most don't bother. Protest votes overrep. #
  • .@UGAProsecutor I mostly hear about how close it is, even though EV models (like mine: show big O lead. #
  • .@UGAProsecutor MSM is not pro either side, MSM is pro close exciting race… better for ratings & readership. One side way ahead = boring. #
  • .@UGAProsecutor Still early of course. McCain was ahead by same EV margin this time four years ago and lost. Things change from May to Nov. #
  • Reading – The New, Nasty Obama Campaign (Molly Ball) #
  • Reading – TiVo Stream Delivers Recorded Shows to Your iPhone (Adam Dachis) #
  • Reading – THX1136 (John Gruber) #
  • Reading – A fake and a real view of the solar eclipse… FROM SPACE! (Phil Plait) #
  • Reading – Pirate Bay Simplifies Circumvention of ISP Blockades (Ernesto, TorrentFreak) #
  • .@kdawson I already posted a tweet linking to an article about the composite origin of the pic. #
  • .@kdawson It is still a pretty piece of art. @BadAstronomer article I linked has actual video from ISS too. #
  • .@UGAProsecutor Plenty of bias toward either side depending where in MSM you look. But only universal is bias toward drama away from boring. #

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