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@abulsme Updates from 2012-05-29 (UTC)

  • Just completed a 1.35 km walk – Walk with Cathy, Jim and Dad. #RunKeeper #
  • Reading – 8th World Wonder in the Works: Tunnel from Russia to USA (WebUrbanist) #
  • Reading – A Dive Into the Digital Deep (Andrew Blum) #
  • RT @natsecHeather: +1 RT @MarkLGoldberg Key diff tween Libya & Syria: Libyan dips did not have to be expelled. They defected on their own. #
  • First flight out of CLE canceled due to weather. 2nd canceled a couple hours later. They put me on one leaving at 7 AM tomorrow morning. #
  • I didn’t want to get up that early, so now on flight leaving 11something local time tomorrow. Staying at an exciting Days Inn tonight. #
  • Will end up home about 21 hours after originally planned, assuming no more delays. Air travel is so awesome! #
  • Reading – 2 years, no verdict on Paine Field passenger flights (Bill Sheets) #

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