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@abulsme Updates from 2012-05-30 (UTC)

  • RT @ppppolls: 38% of MI voters think the trees are the right height. 8% think they aren't. 55% aren't sure: #
  • By my own Green Papers plus DCW SuperDel count Romney just passed 1144. Will wait for my daily update until GP counts seem stable though. #
  • Reading – Tim Cook at D10: Hints at Facebook Integration, and Siri Improvements (Arnold Kim) #
  • Reading – Ghostly Jets Haunt the Milky Way’s Black Hole (Nancy Atkinson) #
  • Reading – Mitt Romney clinches GOP presidential nod (Ginger Gibson) #
  • Reading – Romney Condemns Obama’s Syria Policy (Mark Landler) #
  • Reading – British Court Clears Way for Extradition of WikiLeaks Founder (Ravi Somaiya and John F. Burns) #
  • Reading – Where’s All The Internet Money? (Andrew Sullivan) #
  • Reading – This Is the Way Facebook Ends
    (Alec Liu) #
  • Reading – Syria: How to Do “More good than Harm” (NSN) #
  • RT @FHQ: It is still on. Expect Jeb Bush to jump in before CA next week or UT on 6/26. RT @RyanLizza: Wait, so no brokered convention? #
  • RT @wilw: I bet there is some furious shaking of the Etch-a-Sketch in Camp Romney right about now. #
  • Reading – Apple CEO Tim Cook: Steve “taught me that the joy is in the journey” (Jacqui Cheng) #
  • Today’s replacement flgt for yesterday’s cancelled flgts already delayed mult times. Waiting to hear if more delay. Maintenance issue now. #
  • As is, only 22 minutes for connection in Philly. Which might not be enough depending on gates if other flight not delayed or held. #
  • Reading – Clintons Make ‘Great Neighbors,’ but for How Long? (Peter Applebome) #
  • MT @fivethirtyeight: LOESS regression is overrated unless you have an empirical way to det what the smoothing param should be. #nerdtweets #
  • Reading – Flame Malware Mostly Smoke And Mirrors, Say Security Experts (Carl Franzen) #
  • Boarding for cle->Phl finally started. Almost certainly too late for Phl->sea flight unless that is delayed too. #
  • Now scheduled to get to Philly about 30 minutes after next flight is supposed to leave. In my seat, so will deal with rebooking at PHL. #
  • Reading – Google Co-Founder, Sergey Brin Finally Lets a Non-Googler Try on His Glasses on (Hillel Fuld) #
  • RT @BuzzFeedBen: Not sure why @barackobama called @mittromney when he could have DMd him. Do they not follow one another? #
  • Well, got to Philly. Seattle will have to wait for tomorrow. #
  • They rebooked me in air, but that flight was also gone by the time we landed. Unlike yesterday, delays today not weather, so free hotel. #
  • @jonsevern They booked me at the Ramada, which I presume is nearby. Dinner? Warning: In same dirty clothes since Tuesday morning. :-) #
  • MT @FHQ: right. RT @Bencjacobs: @FHQ will correct me if I'm wrong but I think Michele Bachmann won her first delegate in Texas last night #
  • @jonsevern Won’t be at the terminal though. Already at the Ramada. #
  • @BYUfan Do you have a source for the MN Bachmann del? @TheGreenPapers soft count has Paul 32 Sant 2 Ging 1 Uncom 2 TBD 3 @fhq @bencjacobs #
  • Reading – Fussy 3-year-old kicked off Alaska Airlines flight (KIRO) #
  • @usernamenuse @BYUfan @FHQ @Bencjacobs But Bachmann endorsed Romney on May 3rd, so wouldn’t she be a Romney del? Is she officially uncomm? #
  • @usernamenuse @byufan @fhq @bencjacobs Think @TheGreenPapers has her unc. But Romney wld b reasonable gvn endorsement. Not that it mattrs. #

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