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@abulsme Updates from 2012-10-10 (UTC)

  • Accidentally dropped something valuable in parking garage. Realized was missing many hours later. Went back. It was still there! WIN! #
  • Reading – With Biden Up Next to Debate, Obama’s Aides Plot Comeback (Peter Baker and Trip Gabriel) #
  • Reading – Romney’s Leading Nationally—Just Not in Battleground States (Nate Cohn) #
  • MT @neeratanden: Imagine Obama had Romney’s Sept: many liberal commentators would apparently have committed suicide. Freak out embarrassing. #
  • Reading – The New Slingbox 350 and Slingbox 500 Stream Video at 1080p and Look Weird As Hell (Casey Chan) #
  • RT @politicalmath: My poll advice is the same for the right this week as it was for the left last week: Calm down sparky. #
  • Reading – U.S. Military Sent to Jordan on Syria Crisis (Michael R. Gordon and Elisabeth Bumiller) #
  • Reading – SpaceX CRS-1 Mission Update (Katherine Nelson) #
  • Reading – Quote of the Day: Should Obama Call Romney a Liar? (Kevin Drum) #
  • MT @TheStalwart: I loved Sullivan’s freakout post. Internet would be better if more people blogged like that. Instead, they’re too reserved. #
  • Reading – How to think about Romney’s post-debate bounce (Jonathan Bernstein) #
  • Reading – Inside the campaign: The Romney rebellion (Mike Allen, Jim Vandehei) #
  • Reading – Why Is Team Obama Still Talking About the Debate? (Garance Franke-Ruta) #
  • Reading – How Obama has jeopardized the future of liberalism (Jamelle Bouie) #
  • Reading – iPhone Production Slows as Apple Improves Aluminum Quality (Jamie Condliffe) #
  • EC Update for Wed Oct 10 done. Polls added in 9 states. NV and CO change categories. Blog post soon. #
  • Reading – Romney and the Syrian Dilemma (Juan Cole) #
  • Reading – Dem pollster delivers wake-up call to Obama (Greg Sargent) #
  • Reading – Non-Dissent Of The Day (Andrew Sullivan) #
  • Reading – Turkey Warns Syria It May ‘Respond With Greater Force’ (Anne Barnard, Christine Hauser, Alan Cowell) #
  • Reading – Why Turkey and Syria are Heading toward War (Robert Wright) #
  • Reading – Liberalism and Conservatism Have The Same Glass Jaw—The Voters Don’t Want Change (Matthew Yglesias) #
  • Reading – In excitable pundits vs. political scientists, I’ll take political scientists every time (Ezra Klein) #
  • Reading – How Obama Needs to Make Mitt Unacceptable Again (Michael Tomasky) #
  • Good stuff!! -> Reading – As the post-debate polling cycle matures… (Sam Wang) #
  • RT @politicalmath: For realz RT @iowahawkblog: My 2 cents for Romney: pledge to end the TSA. You’d be as good as elected. #
  • Reading – The Marketing of Mitt Romney (Kevin Drum) #
  • RT @BuzzFeedAndrew: RT @NYDNHammond: “He’s the first Nobel Peace Prize winner with a kill list.” #frontline #

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