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Curmudgeon’s Corner: The Democratic Snoozefest (Literally)

On the Curmudgeon’s Corner podcast this week, Ivan struggles to stay awake while he and Sam record their commentary track for the first Democratic debate. Listen to our thoughts on Clinton, Sanders, O’Malley, Webb and Chafee’s performances as they answer questions on the issues of the day. And listen to Ivan doze off and snore! Several times! Ah yes, this debate was obviously the most exciting and engaging yet!

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Recorded 2015-10-14

Length this week – 2:21:53

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Show Details:

  • (0:00:10-1:01:17) Debate Segment I
    • Intro by Sam and Ivan
    • Candidate Self-Intros
    • Biggest weaknesses
    • Gun Control
    • Ivan Falls Asleep
    • Russia and Syria
    • Use of Force
    • Greatest Threats
    • Ivan’s Solution to Allergies
  • (1:01:55-1:48:22) Debate Segment II
    • Clinton Email Scandal
    • Race Relations
    • Middle Class and Wall Street
    • College Costs and Social Security
    • Immigration
    • Patriot Act
    • Ivan Falls Asleep Again
    • Snowden
    • Differences from Obama
  • (1:49:10-2:05:31) Debate Segment III
    • Insider vs Outsider
    • Climate Change
    • Family Leave
    • Marijuana
    • Ivan Falls Asleep a Third Time
    • Working with Republicans
  • (2:06:16-2:21:33) Debate Segment IV
    • Enemies to be proud of
    • Closing Statements
    • Ivan Falls Asleep a Fourth Time
    • Ivan and Sam wrap it up

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