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December 2015

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  • 00:48:05 I’ll be listening to audio of D debate but multitasking, so unclear how much of my attention will be focused on it. Some tweets 4 sure. :-)
  • 01:05:09 Retweeted @pastfrontrunner 2015-12-19 18:30:15 At this point in —
    2004: Dean +15
    2008 (D): H. Clinton +17.1
    (R): Giuliani +2
    2012: Gingrich +4.5
  • 01:09:19 You know, saying it starts at such and such time shouldn’t mean that is when 15 minutes it more of “pre-game” starts. :-/
  • 01:09:42 Retweeted @pbump 01:03:11 Here’s how Clinton’s 2015 lead compares to her 2007 lead nationally.
  • 01:17:23 Retweeted @mviser 01:01:39 ABC shows footage of Bernie and Hillary arriving at the arena. And then: “Martin O’Malley is coming as well."
  • 01:35:31 No fly list has serious due process concerns. And limited utility. Wish Dems like Clinton wouldn’t hang their hat on that.
  • 01:36:40 Why is O’Malley still here? Of course this whole thing is just a sideshow unless Clinton self-destructs. In which case Biden reconsiders.
  • 01:40:42 Sanders on DNC data thing. Decent parry of this. But needs Clinton to punt on it like he did on email. Then it goes away.
  • 01:43:05 Clinton being gracious, offering to move on. This data breach issue is over. Lasted, what, 48 hours?
  • 01:56:03 Ooh. O’Malley attacks, everyone gets feisty.
  • 01:58:29 Auto weapons, no fly lists, etc all distractions. Tiny percentages of deaths. Gun control as fix non starter in today’s USA. Waste of time.
  • 01:59:47 Murder rate in USA dropping consistently for decades. Just make sure that trend continues. Fixating on which weapons used not helpful.
  • 02:01:22 I say all of that as someone who is not a gun fan or 2nd amend nut. But going on about gun control only results in more people buying guns.
  • 02:03:31 O’Malley keeps getting shut down.
  • 02:04:27 Clinton is an idiot on encryption. So are the rest. Depressing.
  • 02:05:21 Hmm, relying on an actual suspicion before adding surveillance? What a concept.
  • 02:12:19 Candidates complaining about rules & if they are followed is the most pitiful thing ever. You are running for President for god’s sake.
  • 02:21:30 No fly zone in Syria is idiotic. Calling for one without saying you would enforce it even sillier. Makes whole thing meaningless.
  • 02:22:45 Sanders says getting rid of dictators easy. Well, maybe not easy. But his point on unintended consequences 100% correct.
  • 02:23:21 Clinton not looking at Sanders when she attacks him. Hmm.
  • 02:26:57 O’Mally pointing out the other two are really old. :-)
  • 02:32:18 The Dem debate reminds me I don’t particularly like Clinton. Sanders either. Maybe I should pay more attention to O’Malley? Or not…
  • 02:33:05 Mid debate analysis? Not sure I like this. Put it at the end.
  • 02:36:53 Starting without Clinton? Really? She’s going to make another bathroom joke, right? No.
  • 02:37:34 I really can’t believe they didn’t just vamp for a minute or something.
  • 02:40:53 O’Malley actually doing decently tonight. Maybe he gains a couple more %? Still not enough to matter.
  • 02:43:11 Ok, that Clinton “everybody should love me” line was good.
  • 02:44:56 Sanders “No they won’t” on if corporate folks will like him even better.
  • 02:58:00 Retweeted @LarrySabato 02:57:49 There are few undecideds on D side. Why would anyone switch sides, based on what we've seen?
  • 03:04:53 The moderators are not doing a service by trying to keep to the agenda instead of just letting the candidates go at it.
  • 03:06:35 Bernie would be more effective if he didn’t come off as an angry old man.
  • 03:08:36 I would pay a nice pay per view fee to watch a debate right now with these three Dems plus the top three R’s on the same stage. :-)
  • 03:14:59 Oh. This isn’t over. Ready for it to be over.
  • 03:20:25 I am having trouble maintaining focus on this debate even when taking breaks from the house cleaning I have been doing at the same time.
  • 03:22:33 Retweeted @JessicaTaylor 03:21:09 All the Dem candidates now support moving marijuana out of Schedule I substance list — Clinton was last to do so
  • 03:26:50 So far absolutely nothing out of this debate that changes anything. Except maybe that Clinton & Sanders agreed to put aside that data thing.
  • 03:27:45 I guess the domestic part of this debate is over now, huh?
  • 03:37:52 Questions about spouses means we are near the end, right?
  • 03:44:17 Closing statements! YAY!
  • 03:50:01 Really Hillary? Ending with “May the force be with you?” Ok.
  • 03:52:09 Poll predictions: No significant changes for any of them. This race is in an equilibrium absent a major shakeup. There was none tonight.
  • 04:11:39 Retweeted @BuzzFeedPol 04:10:03 There are no more presidential debates in 2015, so go enjoy the holidays!

    Next GOP debate: 1/14
    Next Dem debate: 1/17 in reply to BuzzFeedPol

  • 04:25:07 Retweeted @culturedstate 04:16:37 O'Malley's path to the nomination is that the other two campaigns are hit by meteors and incapacitated.

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@abulsme tweets from 2015-12-19 (UTC)

Curmudgeon’s Corner: Full of Spoilers (but not for THAT)

This week on Curmudgeon’s Corner Sam and Ivan talk about the Fed raising interest rates, and of course we spend a long time on the Presidential race. To round it out we briefly touch on wifi networking, dedicated cameras vs smartphone cameras, Star Wars, the Shkeli arrest, hoverboards, self-driving cars, and more. Oh, and 6 year old Alex joins us to talk about the exciting events of Minecraft Storymode Episode 4.

Click below to listen or subscribe… then let us know your own thoughts!

Recorded 2015-12-18

Length this week – 1:37:29

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Show Details:

  • (0:00:49-0:13:27) But First
    • Agenda
    • Home Wifi Networking
    • Standalone Cameras vs Phone Cameras
  • (0:14:05-0:27:42) Fed Interest Rates
    • What is this Fed Rate?
    • What is “near zero”
    • Reason for raising rates
    • Negative interest rates
    • Other countries that raised rates
    • What affect will this have?
    • Ivan Disconnect
    • Wrap Up
  • (0:28:26-1:10:10) Election 2016
    • Press driving Trump phenomenon?
    • Trump fatigue?
    • Lots can change, but…
    • Early State Dynamics
    • Odds Adjustments
    • Latest Republican Debate
    • Trump third party statements
    • Where are the Democrats?
    • Sanders accessing Clinton data (breaking)
    • Alex Interlude: Minecraft Storymode Episode 4
  • (1:10:59-1:37:09) Lightning Round
    • Star Wars
    • Budget Deal
    • Shkreli arrest
    • Climate Deal
    • Hoverboards
    • Rules for Self-Driving Cars
    • Bush Momentum?
    • What could hurt Trump?
    • Trump vs Perot

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  • 00:01:25 Today was my follow up broken foot appointment. Healing slowly. Can wear normal shoe now, start trying to put weight on foot. No running.
  • 00:02:20 So I am doing that. Limping. Moving slow. But no longer have to heel walk. So… slow but sure improvement. Which is good I guess.
  • 00:02:40 Just got home. Just turned on the undercard debate. Did I make a big mistake? :-)
  • 00:30:19 Graham is somewhat entertaining here, but nobody on this undercard debate matters. Why are we doing this?
  • 00:36:54 Lindsay Graham with the Princess Bride references. What? Sigh.
  • 01:33:37 Was multitasking during undercard debate, but guess I’ll pay more attention to main event… at least until Alex gets home from Grandma’s. :-)
  • 01:36:42 There are too many people in the main debate. Should just be Trump, Cruz, Rubio and Carson. MAYBE Bush if folks are feeling extra generous.
  • 01:38:36 Retweeted @ScottNY71 01:38:18 @abulsme Did you do a lot of running before? in reply to abulsme
  • 01:38:48 .@ScottNY71 Not if I could help it. :-) in reply to ScottNY71
  • 01:39:29 .@ScottNY71 Also not allowed to jump. Didn’t do a lot of that either. But more than running probably. :-) in reply to ScottNY71
  • 01:39:39 Retweeted @ScottNY71 01:39:26 @abulsme Glad you're feeling better at least. in reply to abulsme
  • 01:39:48 .@ScottNY71 Thanks! :-) in reply to ScottNY71
  • 01:41:22 The part from the “now time for the debate” until the first question is approximately five hours.
  • 01:41:44 Retweeted @wilw 01:41:28 Trump is not some kind of unexpected outlier. He is the mainstream of the GOP base, and the result of decades of dog whistles from the party
  • 01:48:34 Oh, they get to introduce themselves again. Yawn!
  • 01:49:42 Paul comes out of the gate attacking. Also immediately highlighting places he is different than pretty much everybody else. His only play.
  • 01:50:37 Retweeted @ananavarro 01:50:27 The debate rules should be based on Jeopardy. All answers should be in the form of a question.
  • 01:51:18 Retweeted @FiveThirtyEight 01:50:58 #GOPDebate
  • 01:52:17 Very glad the candidates are using their intros for something other than their bios, even if it is still mostly blah.
  • 01:52:47 Retweeted @speechboy71 01:52:25 Chris Christie is now bashing Clinton and Obama for not protecting America from losing its shit over phantom threats
  • 01:55:00 Oh. Jeb is still here.
  • 01:55:47 Retweeted @drvox 01:55:33 "You’re scared. I will be your Big Daddy and make you feel safer." – all these friggin’ guys
  • 01:56:33 We know today is really about watching how Trump vs Cruz goes, right? So we can ignore the rest?
  • 01:57:54 Ooo… Carson goes for moment of Silence for San Bernardino. That was kind of odd, but OK.
  • 01:58:32 Retweeted @JohnDingell 01:43:28 Anything good on TV tonight?
  • 02:01:24 1st actual q now! About Trump’s immigration stuff… Wolf calls it isolation. Trump parries, about “security”. To the casual viewer, wins.
  • 02:01:57 Retweeted @WakeUp2Politics 02:01:44 Trump: "We're not talking about isolation: we're talking about security. We're not talking about religion: we're talking about security."
  • 02:03:08 Bush appealing to reason against Trump. Doesn’t get why Trump is winning. Trump slams him on reply. Trump wins again.
  • 02:03:47 Retweeted @LarrySabato 02:03:23 Bush: Trump is "the chaos candidate". Trump: Bush is a failed candidate.
  • 02:04:39 Retweeted @Timodc 02:04:31 Trump had no response to Jeb on the substance.
  • 02:05:07 .@Timodc He doesn’t need one. Substance irrelevant to Trump’s appeal, and to why Jeb is losing. in reply to Timodc
  • 02:05:59 Asking for Cruz to go after Trump. Will he bite? I guess no.
  • 02:07:16 Yup, almost completely declining the opportunity to go after Trump. Oblique at best. Trump won’t decline the reverse.
  • 02:08:04 Retweeted @NumbersMuncher 02:07:51 Shorter Cruz: I can't say why I disagree with Trump because my entire plan is to get his supporters once he's gone.
  • 02:10:31 Christie looking very severe.
  • 02:14:59 I tuned out for a few minutes. Did I miss anything that mattered? Oh, Cruz drinking water while Rubio talks. Isn’t that backwards?
  • 02:17:42 Retweeted @TheFix 02:17:31 Rand attacking Rubio on NSA and spying is a giant win for Rubio. Rand is not near the center of the party on the issues.
  • 02:19:15 Don’t agree on the substance, but Rubio coming off good in the exchanges with Cruz and Paul.
  • 02:21:51 Carson complaining about not getting time. Once again, always a losing move. Candidates, don’t do this, even if you ARE getting screwed.
  • 02:22:18 Retweeted @politicalmath 02:22:02 The problem with "trust me on surveillance" is that no one trusts the gov't on anything anymore.
  • 02:23:10 To Carson: Who was right on last debate question? Carson: Sorry, I wasn’t listening.
  • 02:23:32 Retweeted @RichLowry 02:22:56 Carson doesn't have opinion on NSA program?
  • 02:23:51 .@RichLowry I think he just wasn’t paying attention, had no idea what the last question was about, so punted. in reply to RichLowry
  • 02:24:51 Retweeted @DKThomp 02:23:28 carson: you never let me speak.
    wolf: okay. do you have an opinion about the last half hour’s foreign policy debate?
    carson: pass.
  • 02:25:18 Retweeted @owillis 02:25:09 the more i see fiorina debating the more i see why hp nearly collapsed
  • 02:27:47 “I don’t want them using OUR Internet” – Trump showing his vast technical knowledge
  • 02:29:14 Retweeted @ComfortablySmug 02:29:01 That Trump answer made no damn sense but it is Trump so…
  • 02:30:24 Retweeted @SamWangPhD 02:30:16 I hate to back up the Donald on this, but I thought most global internet traffic passed through US-based hardware.
  • 02:30:34 Retweeted @mollyesque 02:30:16 As President, I will ban Twitter.
  • 02:30:44 Retweeted @studentactivism 02:30:18 So much for Trump being decisively repudiated and marginalized by the Republican field. #GOPDebate
  • 02:30:51 Retweeted @drvox 02:30:24 Who will penetrate the internet the hardest?
  • 02:31:01 Retweeted @politicalmath 02:30:31 On encryption, Kasich has no f***ing idea what he's talking about. Everyone is dumb. I hate you all.
  • 02:32:18 Cruz avoiding the actual question here I think. Bleh.
  • 02:32:45 Retweeted @PeteDominick 02:32:29 Ted Cruz has no idea how our bombs work. It's not 1943 you fucking cartoon villain.
  • 02:32:56 Retweeted @DanielLarison 02:32:32 Cruz: "You would carpet bomb where ISIS is." Ok, so you would slaughter the people in the cities they control. Got it
  • 02:34:27 Retweeted @alexburnsNYT 02:34:14 Cruz vs. Rubio
  • 02:35:41 “We will utterly destroy them by targeting the bad guys.” – Master of nuance Ted Cruz
  • 02:36:43 Paul tries to jump in. Shut down. Sorry Rand.
  • 02:37:47 Retweeted @ZekeJMiller 02:37:39 Trump repeating debunked conspiracy theories about girlfriends of 9/11 hijackers
  • 02:38:26 Trump makes faces when Bush talks. Wins the interaction no matter what Bush says.
  • 02:39:30 Trump – Bush showdown… Trump wins as usual. Shuts Bush down by talking over him and being aggressive. Bush so done.
  • 02:41:14 Retweeted @DanielLarison 02:40:53 Jeb: "You're not going to be able to insult your way to the presidency, Donald." The nomination, on the other hand…
  • 02:42:35 Carson: “Death by a thousand pricks” – sounds like a description of this debate
  • 02:42:53 Retweeted @ClaraJeffery 02:42:31 "You got it" –Ben Carson, on being asked if he's ok with the deaths of tens of thousands of women and children
  • 02:52:09 I’m trying to listen to what Carson is saying, but it just isn’t working.
  • 02:53:00 Looks like Ryan just announced a budget deal right in the middle of the debate. Perfect timing. :-)
  • 02:58:04 Distracted for a few minutes by my son getting home. Did I miss anything?
  • 02:58:47 Retweeted @nprpolitics 02:58:38 Talk times 1st break:
    Cruz 7:50
    Rubio 7:41
    Trump 6:16
    Christie 5:21
    Fiorina 5:18
    Bush 5:07
    Carson 4:49
    Paul 4:41
    Kasich 4:37
  • 03:00:52 Protester interrupting Trump! Will they get beaten?
  • 03:05:01 Retweeted @7im 03:04:50 this is chaos. it makes no sense. these are presidential candidates
  • 03:06:46 Wolf trying to shut down Cruz. Failed.
  • 03:10:51 “Punch the Russians in the nose.” Really?
  • 03:12:47 Missed the last few minutes again. @imbou distracting me.
  • 03:13:18 Retweeted @imbou 03:13:08 @abulsme this crazy talk is a waste of time in reply to abulsme
  • 03:15:26 I told @imbou right now I think Trumps odds of nom at 40%, more than others, but <50%. If wins think would lose but by less than Romney did.
  • 03:16:05 Also mentioned to @imbou that I will probably change my mind by tomorrow when we record podcast, let alone next week or next month. :-)
  • 03:16:29 Retweeted @TheFix 03:16:19 Give Jeb a ton of credit for this: He is the only one going after Trump in any sustained way.
  • 03:17:23 .@TheFix Losing every one of those exchanges though. Maybe not on substance, but substance doesn’t matter here. Unfortunately. in reply to TheFix
  • 03:18:38 “Im at 42%, you are at 3%.” Trump crushes Bush again. Poor Jeb.
  • 03:18:49 Retweeted @imbou 03:17:16 @abulsme and I told Sam but I am sending him some stronger meds in reply to abulsme
  • 03:18:58 Retweeted @imbou 03:18:44 @abulsme how about a kick in the balls instead in reply to abulsme
  • 03:20:19 Retweeted @mckaycoppins 03:20:05 This is the problem with attacking Trump. Jeb's obvs right—but Trump gets off a put-down, everyone laughs, and then it looks like he won. in reply to mckaycoppins
  • 03:22:24 Retweeted @kenrudin 03:22:14 Let Trump make all the insults he wants, or be as juvenile as he wants. If that's what GOP voters want, God bless. We get what we deserve.
  • 03:23:51 Interesting thing is that Cruz/Trump fireworks have been avoided. Plus for both of them probably. For now.
  • 03:25:03 Retweeted @wilw 03:24:34 Ted Cruz has managed to emerge as the biggest asshole on this stage. That is a significant achievement, and he should be proud of himself.
  • 03:25:21 Retweeted @mmurraypolitics 03:25:13 Cruz: "We will build a wall that works — and I'll get Donald Trump to pay for it"
  • 03:26:21 We are getting some Rubio/Cruz back and forth though. The battle for who will end up going against Trump in the next round maybe.
  • 03:29:03 Retweeted @BlogsofWar 03:28:45 Is it possible for every candidate involved to drop in the polls after a debate? Just curious. #GOPDebate
  • 03:31:47 I always get confused when Carson is talking. Does he actually make sense ever?
  • 03:32:46 Retweeted @imbou 03:32:35 @abulsme no in reply to abulsme
  • 03:33:20 Retweeted @ddiamond 03:32:57 Twitter followers gained tonight

    Trump +3.8k
    Carson 3.0k
    Rubio +2.9k
    Cruz +2.3k
    Carly +1.7k
    Bush +1.2k
    Paul +.9k
    Kasich +.3k
    Christie +.2k

  • 03:34:53 Facebook questions. :-/
  • 03:39:48 Missed last several mins again. My son upset I am not done yet. My hope that other people would be paying attention to him was false hope.
  • 03:42:22 Retweeted @nprpolitics 03:42:16 Talk times @ 2nd brk
    Cruz 13:18
    Rubio 12:01
    Trump 10:30
    Paul 9:00
    Christie 8:39
    Bush 8:27
    Kasich 8:21
    Carson 7:55
    Fiorina 7:27
  • 03:44:39 Lost more minutes dealing with stuff at home. I gather once again I didn’t miss anything critical?
  • 03:46:55 I need to just leave home when trying to watch a debate or something. Too hard with a six year old who really wants Daddy attention NOW. :-)
  • 03:47:16 Mommy just got home though. Yay!
  • 03:49:48 Trump had no idea about that question, did he? Oh well. Doesn’t matter.
  • 03:50:32 Retweeted @ScottNY71 03:49:00 @abulsme Can I like this tweet more than once? Please? in reply to abulsme
  • 03:50:52 Ah, the maniac question. Defused?
  • 03:51:22 Retweeted @Neil_Irwin 03:51:13 OK, so Trump and Cruz are buddies again. Yay?
  • 03:52:35 Retweeted @jonfavs 03:50:59 I agree with Trump that our biggest threat is a manic getting his hands on nuclear weapons,which is why I don't think he should be President
  • 03:53:58 This debate is once again too long. I thought Trump insisted on these being no longer than two hours. What’s up?
  • 03:54:16 Trump saying no to third party run? Don’t spoil the fun!
  • 03:54:49 Probably because he is pretty sure he is going to win the nomination now.
  • 03:55:15 Retweeted @hominidviews 03:55:02 It's the new Low Energy Trump.
  • 03:56:05 Note Trump didn’t promise anything in any way that can’t change if he is treated “unfairly” in the future.
  • 03:56:27 Retweeted @LarrySabato 03:56:15 Trump says 'no independent bid'. Cheers. But what if he's "treated unfairly" as the process unfolds? Every day's a new day.
  • 03:57:13 Better Q right now is to other candidates to see if any of them would run 3P if Trump wins nom. They would all dodge question of course.
  • 03:57:37 Answers like, “Trump won’t win, so I will support the nominee.”
  • 03:58:28 Retweeted @allahpundit 03:58:20 Trump can finish this off by saying he’ll name Rubio SecDef and Cruz AG #alpha
  • 03:59:06 Closing statements? This is actually going to end?
  • 03:59:18 Retweeted @NateSilver538 03:59:09 Why is it headline news that Trump promised to not to run as an independent? He promised that months ago, wavered from it, will do so again.
  • 03:59:54 Retweeted @SanhoTree 03:59:28 I'm so sick of these movie tie ins. #TheFarceAwakens
  • 04:00:11 Retweeted @petersuderman 04:00:01 Trump is to the GOP primary race what the Mule was to the Foundation.
  • 04:00:48 Retweeted @drvox 04:00:34 Honestly, Paul sounds like he already knows very well that the party’s not interested in what he’s selling.
  • 04:02:06 Retweeted @JRussellMI 03:57:04 #GOPDebate speaking time, 3rd break:

    Cruz 15.7m
    Trump 13m
    Rubio 12m
    Carson/Christie 9.8m
    Bush 9.7m
    Paul 9.1m
    Fiorina 8.9m
    Kasich 8.4m

  • 04:04:00 Retweeted @libgwenchy 04:01:21 @MaggieJordanACN It was A Trump/Cruz love fest. in reply to MaggieJordanACN
  • 04:04:21 Retweeted @GideonResnick 04:01:07 Trump: Cruz is great
    Cruz: Trump is great
    Rubio: Fuck
    Jeb: I'm trying
    Carson: Pubis
    Fiorina: Cross
    Paul: Eh?
    Christie: Tough
    Kasich: Karate
  • 04:05:36 Retweeted @jmartNYT 04:05:23 Trump failed to keep this debate that short. Shoulda gotten w Ben and made it happen.
  • 04:06:01 Debate over. Woo!
  • 04:07:18 Post-debate poll predictions: Trump steady or up, but Cruz/Rubio continue to gain on him. Carson/Bush continue to drop. Nobody else matters.
  • 04:09:08 Bottom line though, nothing happened to dethrone Trump. His odds of the nom keep going up. Not over 50% yet, but better than others.
  • 04:10:51 My take on Republican nomination odds right now, 40% Trump, 25% Cruz, 25% Rubio, 10% someone else.
  • 04:13:36 Trump on CNN saying “no third party run no matter what”. Follow up makes clear it is because he thinks he is going to win nom outright.
  • 04:14:48 That is the most unambiguous statement yet. Could still change his mind if he feels he gets screwed in some way, but… he thinks he has this.
  • 04:16:54 That “not” was unclear. I thought the interviewer thought he said not, then asked for confirmation, and Trump confirmed no matter what.
  • 04:17:03 Time to rewind…
  • 04:17:34 Retweeted @nprpolitics 04:17:28 Final talk times:
    Cruz 15:58
    Rubio 13:33
    Trump 13:25
    Christie 10:45
    Carson 10:27
    Bush 10:13
    Paul 9:46
    Fiorina 9:32
    Kasich: 9:00
  • 04:27:25 Just rewatched the Trump-CNN interview. He is saying “no matter what”. But… nothing stopping that changing if he feels he gets screwed.
  • 05:00:47 Retweeted @ScottNY71 05:00:14 @petersuderman @abulsme Such a good analogy. Sad on many levels that so few will get it. in reply to petersuderman
  • 05:36:27 Yup. -> Republicans are trying to beat Trump with wishful thinking and it's not working (@mattyglesias)
  • 07:54:47 Awesome -> From C-3PO’s perspective, ‘Star Wars’ is a prolonged nightmare (@petridishes)
  • 14:32:36 Retweeted @PatrickRuffini 14:04:51 In 2012, Santorum did not start moving up in IA until 30 days out & was in 6th a week out.
  • 15:43:15 Reading – Trump Boom Or Trump Bubble? (Nate Silver)
  • 15:58:06 Reading – A Gradebook from Deep in the Heart of Crazy (Josh Marshall)
  • 17:20:48 Watching – Jimmy Fallon, The Roots & "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" Cast Sing "Star Wars" Medley (Tonight Show)
  • 18:01:19 Retweeted @pastfrontrunner 17:00:37 At this point in —
    2004: Dean +15
    2008 (D): H. Clinton +18.5
    (R): Giuliani +2.5
    2012: Gingrich +10.5
  • 18:02:45 Note we are not yet where any of the eventual winners in 2004, 2008, or 2012 were in the lead in the national polls. Things change fast.
  • 19:25:23 Retweeted @costareports 19:24:16 Trump emails @washingtonpost a statement about Bush orbit's talk of not backing Trump if he wins nom:
  • 21:57:29 Just bought my family’s Star Wars ticks. For the 26th. A long time from now. Starting aggressively muting all things Star Wars. #dontspoilme

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