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December 2004

The Divided Left

I notice it has been a long while since I last posted anything on news or politics or anything like that. The last time was November 3rd, right after the election. It has been a month. Wow. The main reason I guess was that I was just newsed out. The election was exciting. It was over. It has for the most part been a slow news season since then (with a few exceptions). And I had other things to think about and talk about on the personal front. All that is still true.

But while I don’t have time right now to comment much on them, I found a couple of interesting articles I thought I’d at least post links to. They center on how Democrats are responding to the current “War on Terror” as compared to previous Democratic responses to Germany and France in World War II and the Soviet Union in the Cold War.

An Argument for a New Liberalism: A Fighting Faith
(Peter Beinart, The New Republic)

and a response to it (which I actually saw first):

Liberals and Terrorism
(Kevin Drum, Washington Monthly)

Both are good reads and bring up good points. And you can see some responses from folks that disagree with both of them in the comments after the second article. As usual for comments threads, some are just flames, but a few are well thought out as well and have good counter arguments to the first two.

It is an interesting and thought provoking debate and definately worth the read (including the comments).

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