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December 2004

Kerry Loses More Electoral Votes

Looks like there was a mistake in New York. Not only did one elector vote for the wrong guy, they ALL did. Here is a link to the Federal archives with New York’s official Certificate of Vote. (Found via LGF.) The New York electors accidentally voted for John L. Kerry instead of John F. Kerry.

Don’t know who John L. Kerry is, but if John F. Kerry had actually been in the lead at this point (as opposed to 2nd like he really is, so it doesn’t really matter), he would have just lost the election because of this, with the results thrown into the congress because after this neither candidate would have had a majority of the electoral votes! (Although, the votes have to be accepted by the new congress in early January, and they would probably fix it by then…. drat!) So this leaves the full electoral count for the presidential election like this at the moment:

George W Bush: 286
John F Kerry: 221
John L Kerry: 31
John Edwards: 1

Like I said though, it will probably get fixed before Congress officially certifies the results in a few weeks. Drat!!

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