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January 2005

New Traffic Chart

Time for yet another new graph. I have a few more of these in the works, then I’ll be getting back to updating the old graphs. This one is a chart of the number of visits this site gets on a day to day basis. In case you are wondering, at the moment the average is 74 visits per day. Most of those people are here by mistake though, but hey, a visit is a visit! Visits Chart

This shows “visits” which is always somewhat of a controversial number.  It counts all hits from the same internet address within a certain period of time as one “visit” even though in real life, some seperate “visitors” may share an IP address.  Other single visitors may actually show up being from multiple IP addresses depending on their proxy settings.  And caching can throw all sorts of stuff off.  But hey, it is a number, and it shows trends, so I will graph it!

2 comments to New Traffic Chart

  • peterb

    Remember to count all of the people who read your site via bloglines or some other RSS/Atom aggregator, but who will only be credited for “1 visit”.

    (ok, ok, i’m the only reader you have on bloglines, but it’s the principle of the thing)

  • Abulsme

    I was wondering who that was…

    Actually, I think that sitemeter doesn’t credit you for any visits at all if you read only via RSS since it only notices a visit if their little graphic in my footer is loaded.

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