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January 2005

Work’s New Web

My employer just did a major update of the company website. If you want to have an idea what I am involved in at work, take a look. If you work somewhere that might be interested in using the product, drop me an email and I’ll hook you up with our sales guys. :-)

Accent Technologies Home

Advanced Document Management Solutions for fast and precise control over critical business documents

for Financial Services: Leading financial firms use Accent Librarian™ to manage the creation and distribution of presentations, pitch books and documents to clients around the world.

for Healthcare: Many leading healthcare and pharmaceutical firms use Accent Librarian for fast access and distribution of critical information and documents.

for Sales and Marketing: With Accent Librarian, sales team members can create tailored presentations, brochures and proposal documents and marketing can maintain precise control over the quality and accuracy of information.

4 comments to Work’s New Web

  • fellacoh

    I suppose it’d be easier to see the difference if one had seen the ‘before’ recently :) Does the content management change more or does the ‘content’ change?

    It seems to me that the hardest part of any on-line publication is really managing the content over lifetime. Anyone can do 10 html pages, it takes a real ‘system’ to manage the volumes of data a financial institute might generate DAILY for investors/regulators/customers/clients/partners/blah…

    Doing that, and seperating the presentation of the data from the data itself seems like a real challenge for a much larger site.

  • matt

    i checked it out. what is it that you do again??

  • Abulsme

    To fellahcoh… this isn’t content management for a website, but rather content that supports sales and marketing processes. The challenges are a bit different than for web content management (which I dealt with more at my previous company). It is interesting stuff, and more involved than one would think.

  • Abulsme

    I have no idea what I do. What do you do?

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