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This week I am trying to be good. Brandy is on a wider “healthy food” campaign. But my focus is on trying to do just one thing: See how long I can avoid High Fructose Corn Syrup. I started trying on Monday. Apparently I probably failed, because someone at work brought in donuts, and I had, um, a few, without checking the ingredients, and I gather there is a good chance they had HFCS.

Tuesday onward I have been good though. I’ve been reading ingredients on stuff I buy for snacks, and avoiding the ones with the corn syrup. And I’ve basically been skipping things with no visible lists of ingredients, “just in case”. Although I have somewhat been assuming that if I order the roast beef and such at the cafeteria, it doesn’t have HFCS.

But let me tell you, this SUCKS. All the good stuff has HFCS. For me it basically means no soda, cause I think the Diet stuff is foul. The sweeteners they use there are just as bad or worse. But it isn’t like cutting out soda isn’t good for me anyway.

I’ve been eating stuff I probably wouldn’t otherwise. It is annoying, but so far (since Tuesday at least) I have stuck to it. Not sure how long it will last, but I’ll go as long as I can!

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  • cynthia

    i started doing that at the beginning of the school year, but also with partially hydrogenated oils. of course i make exceptions occasionally but its becoming more and more like habit now, so i can help when i come visit! and its actually a pretty good system cuz its not that HFCS is THAT that bad, but its a good indicator that the food is probably bad for you in other ways cuz its so cheaply made. good luck with ure attempt! i find ive been eating a lot better since i cut out HFCS and trans fats.

  • Abulsme

    HFCS is enough, and I’m not sure how long it will last. Take out trans fat too and there is nothing yummy left!

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