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Brandy and Amy are quite a pair. Over the winter Brandy misplaced a foot going down some stairs and was in a walking brace thing and crutches for weeks. In April Amy forgot to put her feet on the ground before the top of her got off the couch, and her hand was in a brace for several weeks.

Earlier this week Amy was coming up the stairs and did something to her toe. When Brandy and Amy went to the Doctor the Doctor suggested that they order some crutches for Amy. “No, that’s OK, we already have two pair at home.”

And thus, now it is Amy’s turn to be on crutches for a couple weeks probably.

Nothing major, but a “just stay off your foot for a little while” sort of thing. Nice.

I just don’t quite understand. The one time I hurt myself badly enough that I probably SHOULD have had my arm in a sling (although I didn’t, and so it still hurts to this day years later) I was at least attempting (badly) to ski down an icy slope that was a bit too steep for my skill level (or lack thereof). These two seem to be able to break bones just walking on a flat surface.

Just as long as I don’t get a knock on the door from social services. I’m not doing it! I’m not beating up my family! I swear! They are just klutzes! :-)

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  • Brandy

    My mom tells me that she broke her collarbone twice in a 6 week period, and she found out years after the fact that she had at some point also fractured her neck. Oh, and once when I was a kid I watched the neighbors drop a tree on her…

  • Abulsme

    One shouldn’t go dropping trees on people.

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