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DVD: Buffy the Vampire Slayer: 2nd Season: Disk 4

imageSo I realized that while I had been watching DVDs from the various Netflix queues we have set up (one for each of us, and one with old Doctor Who episodes) it had been a long time since I had watched one of the DVDs I actually own but have never watched. So I’m trying a new way of determining which DVDs I watch at what times, and it now includes DVDs in that category, and it was time for one. So, the next DVD “in line” in that category was the 4th disk of Buffy Season 2. (I watched Disk 3 in March of last year.)

This disk has four episodes on it, I’ll say a little bit about each individually:

Surprise: This is the episode where Angel gets turned evil by his moment of happiness and all. This is one of the episodes I think I’d never actually seen on TV. Although I think maybe I’d seen the relevant parts of it. It was good to fill in that gap.

Innocence: This is the one where everybody actually realizes that Angel is now evil, and you see all their reactions to it. Kinda sad for Buffy. Poor Buffy. Oh well.

Phases: Now Oz turns into a werewolf. Cause of course Willow can’t have a normal boyfriend. Of course, the most striking thing looking at it now is just how bad the werewolf costume was. It was almost Doctor Who quality (old Doctor Who that is).

Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered: Xander causes a spell to be cast that makes all women (except Cordelia) want him and then Buffy gets turned into a rat. I actually found this one to be very amusing. It was the comedy of the four. I laughed.

Anyway, it was an OK four episodes, but not thrilling. Even though I’m not sure which of these episodes I’d seen before and which I hadn’t there was a familiar feel to them… rather than the fresh feel you get when watching something for the first time.

But they were OK.

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