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iPhone Reviews

iPhone reviews are starting to come in:

They all pretty positive, but do point out a few flaws. (There is no way to cut and paste? WTF?)

One thing that would be critical to me that I haven’t seen yet is the ability to file email messages into folders after having read them / answered them / whatever you are going to do with them. All of the videos on the iPhone site show a lot of stuff that is super cool and makes any gadget hound drool… but it doesn’t show that detail. I’m sure I’ll hear plenty more about it after it starts hitting the street at 22 UTC on Friday.

So far the only ons with reviews are the big old media tech writers. I’ll be interested to see what the tech bloggers start saying when they examine every single tiny detail of the thing.

One thing I am noticing every time I see more about this is that as much as this blows away everything else out there in terms of niceness and slickness, what starts glaring at you after you watch it for a bit is what isn’t there… and you know COULD be there… full iChat support including audio and video (if only the camera was pointed the other direction)… GPS… open app development to get all kinds of other neat stuff on it… direct connect to iTunes music store over the phone… direct upload of video and audio and pictures to the web in a tightly integrated way… etc, etc. And of course full 3G (or better) support rather than this EDGE stuff.

Some of this I’m sure is just in the “not quite ready, just wait for version 2.0” stuff. Other pieces of it are probably AT&T saying “no, you can’t do that on our network”.

But if the initial reviews are any indication, this thing is indeed going to be a hit… if it does indeed sell a bundle then Apple will be able to dictate the terms for the next version and add more and more capabilities. Of course, if it is a flop… that would be different.

We shall see.

And I want my third party apps. I want a viewer for my SlingPlayer for the thing for instance.

I want one of these with a GPS and full command line access to everything so I can set it to automatically upload my location somewhere every five minutes and I can add a live updating google map of where I am and where I have been the last few days to my website. :-)

Well, because of our current lock in with Sprint, plus the fact that there are just tons of other priorities and I really can’t justify it… I won’t even be thinking about it for real until next year sometime. So bring on iPhone 2.0!

2 comments to iPhone Reviews

  • matt

    …i want…
    – a phone that is easy to talk on without crushing my cheek against anything and that you can minimize into your pocket and not feel it there
    – a phone that allows just me to call anyone and make that person answer the phone even if their phone is off
    – a phone that irons my clothes in the morning
    – a phone that can start my car so i don’t have to carry keys or remember a combo to the keypad on the door
    – a phone that can teleport me to the location of the number that i dial

    …but i’ll probably have to wait until iphone 2.0 as well i guess.

  • Abulsme

    I want my phone to do those things too!

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