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April 2008

White Stuff

It can’t decide between hail and snow, so it keeps switching back and forth. But whatever it is, someone needs to tell it that it is April 19th and it is time to stop.

Test Results

For anybody who might be curious, they found… absolutely nothing. Well, nothing of significance. He made note of a few things, but nothing that would be contributing to any problems. Which I suppose is good in that it eliminates various things that might have been possible that could have been problematic.

He did note that based on my last scans (a couple months ago) I only have one kidney stone left in me at the moment, down from around 10 in a scan several years ago. I’ve been slowly getting rid of them and not making any new ones.

Also, a blood test from earlier showed elevated levels of some hormone that relates to how the body processes calcium, so he’s going to have me see another specialist to look into that, but he thinks that is not going to be an issue, as my actual levels of calcium are just fine.

And he mentioned that the recurring UTIs probably ARE directly related to the stones, with the stones giving bacteria places to hide essentially.

All of the above though are related to non-invasive tests from earlier though. From today he just determined that everything up in there looks fine.

Which, as I mentioned, is good.

As for the test itself… I don’t want to be doing anything like that again for a good long time.