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April 2008

Down the Stairs

About eight hours ago, while we were delivering Amy to sing at a fundraising thing at a convention center about 30 minutes north of home, I decided it would be a fun thing to do to completely lose my footing on a staircase at said convention center. The soles of my shoes were wet from the sleet rain mix outside. As I started down the stairs my feet just completely slipped out from under me. From witness reports (Brandy) I flailed about a bit as I fell as I fell and I bounced a couple of times as I slid down several steps making nice “clunk clunk clunk” noises before coming to a rest face down on the stairs. Brandy says it was quite amusing to see, as I landed in a position completely reversed from the direction I had been walking.

No permanent injuries or anything, but my left leg was quite bruised and scraped up… as was my ego since a decent number of people saw me do it. I rapidly limped back to the car while Brandy finished getting Amy settled.

Anyway, as I write it still hurts and such. I’m sure it will be nicely black and blue in the morning, at least the parts that aren’t red from the scrapes.

But as mentioned, nothing serious. Just a nice fun tumble down the stairs. They should make an amusement park ride out of it or something. :-)