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April 2008

Almost Debating

The Pennsylvania Democratic debate starts at 00:00 UTC… just over 15 minutes from now. In the normal case, I would have left work a little early and run home to be sure I could watch it live. But no… ABC is delaying it for the West Coast. It will not be on until 03:00 UTC here. Hours after it happened. Which is just ridiculous for a news event. As several West Coast bloggers have commented, they are treating it like a “show” rather than as news. (Of course, I get pissed off at the 3 hour delay for shows too sometimes.)

This is ridiculous.

It really makes me want to drop a Slingbox in the house of a friend or relative in the Eastern time zone. Very very annoying.

(Yes, I know, they will probably get more viewers this way, but still…)

And for the next 3 hours and change I now have to avoid all my usual news feeds and sites to avoid spioilers. Spoilers for a DEBATE. Urg.

Electoral College: McCain up in TX, Obama down in MA

After a string of good news for Obama, time for some good news for McCain. Massachusetts drops from a “Weak Obama” into a “Leaning Obama” state, basically meaning it is up for grabs, thus improving McCain’s best case scenario.

Meanwhile, with some additional polls (older polls, but new to me) Texas moves from the leaning category into “Weak McCain”. This significantly lowers Obama’s “Best Case” prospects.

Current Summary:

McCain Best Case – McCain 343, Obama 195
Obama Best Case – Obama 308, McCain 230

And if everybody gets their leans (and Obama gets DC) – Obama 281, McCain 257