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November 2008

Cinema: Twilight

So yes, I have a teenage daughter, so yes, I had to see Twilight. It was not a movie I would have chosen. But never the less, there I was, on opening weekend, in a theater full of teenaged girls and a handful of parents and dragged along boyfriends. And yes, I was watching Twilight.

Although of course Amy has, and Brandy has as well, I have NOT read the book, so I had no real idea about the details of the plot or anything, although of course I knew that there were vampires and a love story. That was enough to make me somewhat scared of the movie, as were the hordes of teenage girls. But here we were.

And so…

Well, it is certainly true that a good deal of the movie is just the two main characters staring at each other and swooning over each other. And while that does get old fast, it just made me laugh. Funky camera angle. Close up shot of characters eyes looking intensely at other character. Teenage brooding. I’m not sure if it was supposed to be taken seriously, but whenever they did that sort of thing I had trouble not laughing out loud.

And then at some point you got into actual running around avoiding and fighting bad guys. That wasn’t all that bad. I mean, not great either, but you at least something was happening other than people pining over each other. Then there is the big fight in the end. And then we get things set up for the sequel.

Pretty much all par for the course.

Overall, I surprised myself by not hating this movie too much. It was OK. It was kind of cute. I did not mind spending a couple of hours watching it. I would of course though never have any desire to see it again.

Of course, Amy has already seen it twice. Which means it hit the intended audience perfectly.

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