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February 2012

@abulsme Updates from 2012-02-09 (UTC)

  • Reading – Rick Santorum Wins Confirm Mitt Romney Weakness: Read The Polls (Mark Blumenthal) #
  • MT @FHQ: @mysterypollster Not nearly enough people asking this today. Finding roadblocks to Romney is easy but who else gets to 1144 & how? #
  • Reading – How Romney could fail to get enough delegates (Philip Klein) #
  • MT @pourmecoffee: Fox is ending House after this season. To watch an arrogant jerk spout wild theories, you'll have to settle for Gingrich. #
  • MT @fivethirtyeight: Personally I think the odds of winning the nom are about: Romney 75%, Santorum 20%, Newt/other 5% #
  • RT @donttrythis: Nice! Travel through the body one slice at a time. Best. Gif. Ever. (from Reddit) #
  • RT @FHQ: Republican winner-take-all states: FL, AZ, PR, DC, DE, NJ & UT (228 total delegates) #
  • Reading – Delegates, real and projected (Matt, DCW) #
  • Reading – This is what foreign-policy success looks like (The Economist) #
  • RT @DemConWatch: Romney gets new superdelegate for 3rd straight day: 0 for 3 on Tuesday night? No problem… #p2 #
  • Reading – Senate sneaks in SOPA under a new name (RT) #

2012 Republican Delegate Count: Romney Super #18

Chart from the 2012 Republican Delegate Count Graphs page. When a candidate gets down to 0%, they have cinched the nomination. If they get up past 100%, they have been mathematically eliminated.

Romney picks up another superdelegate. This of course slightly improves his sitaution and slightly degrades everybody else’s.

Currently Romney needs 49.9% of the remaining delegates to win. His closest competition, Gingrich, needs 53.5% of the remaining delegates to be able to catch up and win. Santorum needs 53.7%. And finally Paul is furthest behind of the candidates still in the race, needing 54.3% of the remaining delegates to catch up and win.