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@abulsme Updates from 2012-03-10 (UTC)

  • Someone from high school and her dog. I gave a little. Reading – Bailey the Beagle needs your help! (Heather Neider)
  • Reading – The iPad Is Unbeatable (Farhad Manjoo)…
  • Reading – The Revenge of Santorum Can’t Get to 1144 (Josh Putnam)…
  • Reading – The Frontrunner and His Rivals (Ross Douthat)
  • Reading – Senate Gridlock Explained in One Chart (Dino Grandoni)
  • Reading – What the New iPad means for Apple rivals: “No Air.” (Jeff Yang)…
  • RT @ZekeJMiller: RT @shushwalshe: Romney has won the Guam caucuses, ABC News reports.
  • MT @freesyria74: Can the ICC explain what did Qaddafi have that Assad doesn’t? Assad should be charged with crimes against humanity
  • RT @FHQ: RT @feliciasonmez: Mitt Romney wins all 9 Guam delegates, his campaign just announced #guamination
  • RT @FHQ: So just for the record, with the delegate sweep in Guam, it is worth more to Romney than Oklahoma was to Santorum.
  • RT @RichardA: Winning Guam will finally silence critics who say Romney can’t connect with Western Pacific Ocean voters
  • Reading – Guam Goes for Romney (Josh Putnam)…
  • MT @FHQ: Out of a pool of 16 candidates, 6 delegates were chosen in N. Marianas. All for Romney +3 automatic delegates.
  • Reading – On the genre of “Raising Awareness about Someone Else’s Suffering.” (zunguzungu)
  • Reading – How to Write about Africa (Binyavanga Wainaina)
  • Reading – Daylight saving time — still mostly a scam (Brad Plumer)
  • RT @tmbg: people adapting Dr. Suess need to stop trying to “fix it”
  • RT @shadihamid: Hadn’t seen this — Panetta says NATO should start debating military intervention in #Syria:
  • RT @FHQ: In NV today: MT @ralstonflash: Paul campaign estimates 50-60% of delegates here are theirs. May be as many as 2,500 attendees.

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