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@abulsme Updates from 2012-08-15 (UTC)

  • RT @BreakingNews: Ecuador’s president denies reports he has decided to offer Julian Assange asylum – @NBCNews #
  • Reading – Poll Analysis: Obama would certainly win an election today (Darryl, HorsesAss) #
  • Reading – Aug. 14: The Fog of Polling — and Ryan’s ‘Bounce’ So Far (Nate Silver) #
  • Reading – Cards On The Table (Chris Weigant) #
  • Reading – Thinking This iPad Mini Thing Even Througher (John Gruber) #
  • RT @RBReich Party that wins WH could become minority party for many years if, as seems increasingly likely, world enters recession in 2013. #
  • Reading – How Apple and Amazon Security Flaws Led to My Epic Hacking (Mat Honan) #
  • @BYUfan Woo! That’s one! :-) #
  • Reading – A 360-Degree ‘Street View’ From Mars (John Williams) #
  • Reading – Mitt Romney Still Unprepared for Questions About Paul Ryan’s Medicare Plan (Kevin Drum) #
  • Reading – Apple’s iPad Mini: Thinner, Lighter and Narrower (Eric Slivka) #
  • RT @ZekeJMiller: Former Rep. Bob Beauprez: “One very important thing to remember about Paul Ryan – he ain’t Joe Biden.” #
  • RT @fivethirtyeight: So far, Romney’s VP bounce appears to be 1-2 points. That’s below average historically but better than nothing. #
  • Reading – Do the RNC Rules Allow a VP Selection to Be Dumped by the Convention? (Josh Putnam) #
  • MT @ppppolls: Our last 5 weekly national polls: Obama +2, Obama +2, Obama +1, Tie, Obama +2. Nothing making much of a difference right now #
  • MT @BreakingNews: RT @BBCBreaking: UK gov threat to enter Ecuador’s embassy to arrest Assange, Ecuador frgn mnster says #
  • MT @BreakingNews RT @BreakingNewsUK Ecuador minister on threat to arrest Assange: Ecuador not a British colony @nprnews #

Looky There, Over 100

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