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Grama Leslie Visit Day 5

First of all, I am told that Alex’s pronunciation is more like “Teema Essie” than “Grama Leslie”. :-)

OK, we’re here. But where is the potty?

Walking toward the light

By the river (Photo by Amy)

More river

On the rocks

River swirls

Touching the water

Mud Landscape


Follow that leaf!

Making his way through the rock field

Wait, this river is WET??

Maybe I’ll touch it for just a bit.

Nope, that’s enough, I’m out!

River behind us

Watching the river

Teema Essie holding up the fort

Amy tunneling

Throwing rocks

On the edge

You taking pictures again?

The ranger station

On a walk with Grandma (Photo from Amy)

Smile Grandma!

I can walk by myself though, thanks.

Shake Shake Bridge (Photo by Amy)

Crossing it together

Looking over the edge

Helicopter pulling something

Spooky Tree

Laughing at dinner



Playing Fetch with Roscoe

Can I have the bone please?

Throw!! (Unfortunately not where the dog was looking.)

Please make him stop pulling my tail. Please?

Done now!

[Edited 2012 Aug 28 00:14 UTC to add the last six pictures]

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