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@abulsme Updates from 2012-08-13 (UTC)

  • RT @ZekeJMiller: The first tshirt #
  • MT @sethdmichaels: does anybody who saw what 2008 did to their 401k & home value think “if only my Social Security had been in the market!” #
  • RT @brendanloy: Heh. RT @benschwartzy: I get Paul Ryan now. Romney has no convictions or beliefs, so he hired some. #
  • MT @politicalwire: Palin will not speak at GOP convention: “This year is a good opportunity for other voices to speak.” #
  • #nbcfail Bleeping Monty Python? #shit RT @palafo: Life’s a piece of #fcc #
  • MT @brendanloy: This elec is about to see a series of bounces to which partisans on both sides will foolishly overreact. It’ll be annoying #
  • MT @jamesmalach: If the Closing Ceremony doesn’t end with a giant Monty Python foot extinguishing the flame then we have failed as a nation. #
  • RT @SteveDahlShow: Did they really just bleep “piece of shit” on NBC when it’s not even an FCC violation? #closingceremony #
  • RT @PrestonCNN: Is Rio trying to tell us the Spice Girls and a huge inflatable Octopus will not appear at the ’16 closing ceremonies? #
  • RT @Atrios: rio’s time zone will make it extra hard to justify fucking up the 2016 coverage, but they will #
  • RT @FHQ: Hmm. Romney 45, Obama 44 MT @surveyusa: Poll #19479 taken in Missouri for All SurveyUSA clients in Missouri: #
  • MT @FHQ: That SUSA poll shows a much closer race in the Show Me state than most recent polls. [1st state poll to bridge Paul VP rollout.] #
  • RT @guyadams: Swear to God, if someone gives me the mobile telephone number of the CEO of Direct TV I will bloody well tweet it #
  • Reading – PANIC! – MSM: “Romney is in Big, Big, Trouble” (Billionares for Wealthcare) #
  • Reading – You might be Paul Ryan if…. (Juan Cole) #
  • Reading – EP update for August 11 – Obama approval drops, Rasmussen poll back in (Scott Elliott) #
  • Reading – Why Paul Ryan Is No Game-Changer (Derek Thompson) #
  • Reading – It’s Paul Ryan’s Party (Jonathan Chait) #
  • Reading – The Ryan Selection: Game Change, Part Deux (Clive Crook) #
  • Reading – Twitter Blog: End of the #Veepstakes (Adam Sharp) #
  • Reading – Public Ignorance About Paul Ryan (Ilya Somin) #
  • Reading – Mystery Blur in Mars Image Explained (Jason Major) #
  • Reading – The Ryan Role (Paul Krugman) #
  • Agree! Listening – Show 234 – Aiming for Effectiveness (Dan Carlin) #
  • Reading – Complificating Matters (Sebastian, Obsidian Wings) #
  • Reading – Happy 10th Birthday, Daring Fireball (Robinson Meyer) #

Bribery Works

Alex is now on his second box of cars (after also finishing a box of trains). Two weeks ago he was completely refusing to even contemplate such things and would yell and kick and scream and try to get away when asked. Now he is rushing to do it whenever he can, because, hey, new car! Of course, he can’t get cars and trains for this forever, but, for the moment…

Note: I actually stuck the second set of cars into the box from the first set of cars for this picture, as only the first box has the explanatory label.