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@abulsme Updates from 2012-08-12 (UTC)

  • .@Romay1963 It is not clear that talking about Ryan’s budget will be much better for him. #
  • RT @mtracey: Some select Paul Ryan “aye” votes: Iraq War, TARP, NDAA, Medicare Part D, auto bailout, Libya funding #SmallGovernment #
  • MT @MarsCuriosity: They can land me on Mars, but can they win on @waitwait? @NASAJPL engineers play “Not My Job”: #
  • RT @Lons: Was thinking I’d have picked Jack Ryan over Paul Ryan, but then remembered “Sum of All Fears,” which didn’t go well for him. #
  • RT @BuzzFeedBen: Fair point RT @SethMiller79: @BuzzFeedBen @aburnspolitico Did Obama embrace the Biden plan to break up Iraq? #
  • Reading – Paul Ryan isn’t a deficit hawk. He’s a conservative reformer. (Ezra Klein) #
  • .@Romay1963 Ignore. #
  • Reading – Paul Ryan, GOP Vice Presidential Nominee: Some Thoughts
    (Josh Putnam) #
  • .@Romay1963 “Starve the Beast” #
  • RT @SarcasticRover: My new software upgrade took RSS off my web-browser for no reason!! WTF kind of idiots would do that? #
  • MT @dccommonsense: I can’t grasp how so many think choosing #1 most polarizing figure in Cong is good way to get most people to vote for you #
  • Reading – How Romney and Ryan Tricked the Press (Taegan Goddard) #
  • Wow! RT @exploreplanets: Raw color images from #MSL #039;s mastcam are up (as subframes): #
  • MT @7im: 4 all the talk of romney etchasketching to the center, ryan pick pushes gen election mitt further right than primary mitt #curious #
  • Reading – Aug. 11: Will Ryan Pick Move the Polls? (Nate Silver) #
  • RT @marsroverdriver: .@SQLDBA Rear HAZCAM image showing dust plume, on horizon, from crashing #MSL sky crane: #
  • MT @owillis: i wish one outlet would break fourth wall and write “this is the story the romney campaign wants you to read abt picking ryan” #
  • RT @owillis: there’s still a space for a political news site that doesn’t care about maintaining access to pols. #justsayin #
  • RT @owillis: access is the real bias of political reporting. not liberal or conservative. #
  • .@Romay1963 Lots of people saying that. Not so sure. Unless Ryan implodes VP still won’t matter much in the end. Things will abt same as B4. #
  • Reading – This Is Your Press Corps Being Ridiculous (Oliver Willis) #
  • Reading – 2012 But What Is a Son of Boss? (Paul Constant) #
  • .@F_WRLCK RSS button in Safari would show RSS feeds 4 site in menu & if clicked take u 2 Google Reader to subscribe. Very useful. Now gone. #
  • RT @davidfrum: Watching Fehrnstrom/Cutter on CBS. They’re debating Medicare. Not jobs. This is why Ryan pick is trouble #
  • RT @BreakingNews: Egypt’s president cancels constitutional amendments that gave military wide powers – @AP #
  • Can he do that? RT @dandrezner: RT @shadihamid: News just out that Morsi replaced head of #Egypt #039;s armed forces: #
  • Reading – Just One Reason Conservatives Are So Strange (Oliver Willis) #
  • MT @AntDeRosa:, a paid, no-ads social net, just reached funding goal “our product is service we sell, not our users” #
  • Reading – Why Nikola Tesla was the greatest geek who ever lived (Matthew Inman) #

Company Picnic 2012

Look, a mountain.

Sullen teenager face.

Alex flying a kite. Sorta.

Sibling fun.

Too cool for his seat.