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@abulsme Updates from 2012-08-28 (UTC)

  • Reading – Twitter closes the gates further on 3rd parties, removes posting source attribution (JD Rucker) #
  • Reading – A device with a touchscreen and few buttons was obvious (Thom Holwerda) #
  • Reading – Taking the Filibuster to Court: Here Are the Documents (James Fallows) #
  • Reading – “Hunter,” a Deaf 3-Year-Old, Told Signing His Name Violates School’s Gun Policy ( lskenazy, FreeRangeKids) #
  • Reading – Soul Mates (Randall Monroe) #
  • Reading – Isaac Stubbornly Refuses To Become A Hurricane (Brendan Loy) #
  • RT @mattyglesias: Trying to imagine the internet in a world where Sullivan, Kaus, and Marshall hold all the political blogging patents. #
  • RT @BuzzFeedAndrew: So it’s not going to be a brokered convention? #
  • RT @Chris_Moody: Mike Huckabee to frustrated Ron Paul supporters: You lost, move on. #
  • Reading – Paul delegates mounting floor fight over new rules (AP) #
  • RT @Goldfarb: basically federal employment as % of labor force is near all time low #
  • Romney officially entered into nomination. #RNC2012 #
  • Roll call vote started. We’re any of the others even allowed to be nominated? Did I miss it? #
  • Nope. Romney is only one on the official ballot. All votes for anybody else officially ignored. #RNC2012 #Democracy #
  • RT @markos Washington DC’s 19 Republicans all got to be delegates. #
  • Mitt over the top a few minutes ago. Woo! #
  • Oh, and Ryan’s officially the VP Nom now too. #
  • Pushing through of the rules changes, high bar for being in roll call, etc annoying. Will undoubtedly rant on the next Curmudgeon’s Corner. #
  • Was in meetings during almost the whole roll call. Sad to miss watching live. Sniff. #
  • Official Tally: RT @FHQ With 2061 delegates Romney received over 90% of the total 2286 delegates at stake. #wasntevenclose #
  • I gather officially the other 225 dels were just non-votes. Since no other candidates were officially nominated, nobody else got votes. #
  • Unofficial Count: MT @ChadPergram R’s Delegate tally: Romney 2061 Paul 190 Santorum 9 Bachmann 1 Huntsman 1 Roemer 1 Unannounced 23 #GOP2012 #

Grama Leslie Visit Day 6

A moment at home with two people who need haircuts.

Roscoe getting some love

Use ALL the potty paper!

Alex plays the plate! (Video)

Working on the alphabet song! (Video)

Done with ABCDs! (Video)

A slide at the fair (Photo by Grandma Leslie… Daddy had to work. :-( )

Riding the carousel (Photo by Grandma Leslie)

A little overwhelmed (Photo by Amy)

Meanwhile with Daddy at home… SNAKE!

And Amy has a parasol! (Photo by Grandma Leslie)

Amy and Alex go fishing (Photo by Brandy)

AT&T Sucks – Throttled!

Bastards. I think what put it over the edge was that today I did some video streaming over 3G in a location I am normally on WiFi. But still. Whatever. They suck.

(And yes, I am still grandfathered on an unlimited data plan at the moment.)