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April 2021

Curmudgeon’s Corner: Weight and Bulk

This week on Curmudgeon’s Corner Sam and Ivan talk about the assassination in Turkey, the truck attack in Berlin, and of course another week of the Trump transition. We also cover artificial Christmas trees, upside down Christmas trees, the right way to wrap presents, the final electoral college vote, federalism, Ivanka flying coach, and more!

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Show Details:

Recorded 2016-12-23
Length this week – 1:48:43

  • (0:00:33-0:18:37) But First
    • Agenda
    • Sam gets a fake tree
    • Upside down trees
    • Pre-lit trees
    • Sam wrapping
  • (0:19:58-0:46:47) Turkey and Berlin
    • Assassination in Turkey
    • Possibilities for escalation?
    • Russia/Turkey closer together?
    • Syria connection
    • Price of intervention
    • Berlin attack
    • Connections to immigration?
    • Leaving wallets?
    • Granting citizenship
    • How do you defend? Should you?
  • (0:48:47-1:19:38) This Week in Trump
    • Random download
    • Things Obama did
    • Trump lies
    • Everyday Twitter
    • Pardons for illegal orders?
    • Eventual impeachment?
    • Disarray and Chaos
    • Reality vs Perception
    • Private Security
    • Fundraising kids
  • (1:20:19-1:48:23) Lightning Round
    • Timer Master
    • Final Electoral College Vote
    • Direction for the Democrats
    • Federalism
    • Ivanka flying coach
    • Uber self-driving car issues
    • Wrap Up


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Curmudgeon’s Corner: The Dream is Over

This week on the Curmudgeon’s Corner podcast Sam and Ivan spend most of the show on Election 2016. On the Republican side they discuss how recent results and the polls of upcoming states seem to be closing the door on the possibility of a contested convention and pointing to a straight up Trump nomination, as well as discussing Cruz/Fiorina, and what might make Trump worse than Cruz. On the Democratic side the discussion is on how Sanders seems to be finally admitting defeat, and on the veepstakes! Finally, they wrap it up with a lightning round covering all sorts of other issues they haven’t gotten around to lately.

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Recorded 2016-04-28

Length this week – 1:40:24

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Show Details:

  • (0:00:10-0:05:41) But First
    • Agenda
    • Noisy Ivan
    • The Beep is Back
  • (0:06:25-0:59:59) Election 2016: Republicans
    • PA/MD/CT/RI/DE Results
    • PA Uncommitted Delegates
    • Where Trump is in the Delegate Race now
    • Indiana Polls
    • California Polls
    • Projections for the rest of the race
    • Bye Bye Contested Convention Scenarios
    • Cruz/Kasich Deal
    • Cruz/Fiorina 2016!
    • Presidential Trump
    • Trump Foreign Policy?
    • Trump vs Cruz, who is worse?
  • (1:01:07-1:10:29) Election 2016: Democrats
    • Bernie admitting he is done?
    • Veepstakes
    • Median Voter vs Base
  • (1:11:08-1:40:04) Lightning Round
    • Bathroom Laws
    • Germany/Turkey free speech issue
    • Matthew Keys Case
    • The Chalkening
    • Tubman $20
    • Movie: The Gentle Leader Way
    • Brexit
    • Prince
    • Brazil
    • Apple Earnings
    • Saudi No Oil Plan
    • Car vs Helicopter

Curmudgeon’s Corner: What did you break?

In the latest Curmudgeon’s Corner Sam and Ivan talk about:

  • POP and IMAP Email / Tech Support
  • In App Purchases / Potato Salad Guy / Cleaning Glass
  • Alex and Juana Interlude
  • Ivan, Brandy and Brownies Interlude
  • Funding CC / Latest on NSA / Profiling / Spying on Germany
  • TSA on Devices / Immigration
  • Washington State Marijuana / Israel

Recorded on 10 Jul 2014

Length this week – 1:21:07

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